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Pizza, Pop and Politics examines right to recreation

first_imgNDVotes hosted another discussion in its Pizza, Pop and Politics series Wednesday, featuring presentations by associate professor of American Studies Annie Coleman and professor in the Program of Liberal Studies F. Clark Power on the political history of sport.Beginning her presentation with a reflection on a reading recently used in a class she teaches titled “Sports in American Culture,” Coleman said people enjoy sports because they are “very upfront and straightforward.”“We read an article … by a couple of socialists who are trying to figure out how they can love sports — or why we love sports so much and why socialists can love sports — and also why capitalists love sports,” Coleman said. “The takeaway that they argue … we like sports because sports seem to be a separate playing-ground, a place of fair competition where you know the rules, you know who you’re playing against, you know how to score.”Coleman said sport offers a clear contrast against the current status of the job market, in which the rules are not always very clear.“This [fairness] is contrasted, perhaps, by the situation you might face after you graduate and you go on the job market and you’re trying to figure out, ‘Who am I competing against? What are the rules? Who are they looking for? How do I get this job?’ That’s a lot more frustrating, because it’s hard to tell,” she said. “This ideal of sports — of ‘unmystified competition’ — has a lot of appeal.”Access to and recognition of sports are historically related to the power of one’s own group, Coleman said.“Sports have been deeply in-meshed in relationships with power since the beginning,” she said. “One way of thinking about it is thinking about who gets to define what sports are and who gets to play them — it’s typically groups with cultural, social, political and economic power.”Power said the role of sports and recreation changed near the beginning of the 20th century, taking a more prominent role in the life of typical Americans.“In the 18th century, recreational programs were for the leisure class,” he said. “At the turn of the century, welfare and philanthropy paid for the construction of sports and recreational facilities and programs for all kinds of children.”Power, who also works as an advocate for increased public funding of recreation programs, particularly in urban areas, said modern-day recreational sports can be framed as a political issue.“This is a political issue in a way, it is a human rights issue in a way; there is a legitimate right to play,” Power said. “I mean, apart from the health benefits, and the prescription of character, how about just play for the sheer fun of it? Or should that just be for some kids? If some kids deserve to play in safe places and some kids deserve to play other places in other places, too bad?” Power said increased public funding for recreational sport ought to be made available, contrasting the effects of older models of public recreation funding with those of modern ones.“At one time in our history, we did it; we as a people did it,” Power said. “That was a political act — tax people and build playgrounds, and put sport in schools. What’s happening today? We’re not funding the playgrounds, and we’re not funding the school activities. And, who is paying for that? Who pays, if it’s not the state? It’s your family, and if your family can’t afford it, then it’s ‘too bad.’”Tags: Children, Economic Inequality, inequality, Pizza Pop and Politics, Public Funding, Recreation, Sportlast_img read more

Spirit Energy gains nod for Barents Sea wildcat

first_imgThe Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has granted Spirit Energy Norge a drilling permit for well 7322/7-1 located in the Barents Sea offshore Norway. Island Innovator rig; Source: Island OffshoreThe well 7322/7-1 will be drilled from the Island Innovator drilling rig after completing the drilling of appraisal well 6506/9-4 A for Spirit Energy Norge in production license 433, the directorate said on Wednesday.The drilling program for well 7322/7-1 relates to the drilling of a wildcat well in production license 852 (Scarecrow) where Spirit Energy Norge is the operator with an ownership interest of 60 percent and Aker BP is the licensee with an ownership interest of 40 percent.The area in this licence consists of block 7322/7. The well will be drilled about 70 kilometres west of 7324/8-1 (Wisting) and about 110 kilometres northeast of Johan Castberg.Production license 852 was awarded on June 10, 2016 (23rd licensing round on the Norwegian shelf). This is the first well to be drilled in the license.last_img read more

Admission free Saturday at Perris for kids in Little League, Scout uniforms

first_imgAs soon as the last preliminary race is over, drivers will bring their cars onto the front straightaway and all kids, whether they are wearing a uniform or not, will be allowed onto the track to collect candy, get autographs and take photos.  “The kids always have a great time at the races,” promoter Don Kazarian said.  “Especially on nights like this when they get to go on the track at intermission, meet all of the drivers and collect some candy as well.  We hope to see a lot of them get in for free by wearing their Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Cub Scout, Brownie or Little League uniform.  Bring the troop, team, or whole neighborhood.  The more the merrier and the more the fun.”  Spectator gates will open at 5 p.m. and the first race will begin at 7 p.m. PERRIS, Calif. – All kids wearing little league or scout uniforms will be admitted free to this Saturday’s event at Perris Auto Speedway.   At the end of intermission, all the kids will go back into the stands to watch the main events. IMCA Modifieds make their third appearance of the season at Perris. The division featured strong, competitive fields of 26 and 23 cars its first two nights. The first two Modified main events of the year were won by Justin Dunn and Robbie Sawyer. last_img read more

University of Iowa reports record amount of external funding

first_imgIOWA CITY — The University of Iowa reports it took in a record amount of external funding in the last fiscal year.Marty Scholz, is the U-I’s vice president for research. “We’re up to a little short of 589 million dollars — which is up six percent from last — up almost 35 million from last year,” he says. The funding includes gifts and grants and Scholz says they were able to get some funding from sources that they haven’t seen as much funding from in the past.That includes a National Science Foundation grant to study STEM education, and a grant from the Department of Defense. “The particular project that we have is to do some rehabilitation medicine, to devise some new devices. And then some other funding from the Department of Education, some places where we’ve always had some funding, but are getting a little more funding,” Scholz explains. “The number one funder continues to be the National Institutes of Health.” The funding from the NIH totaled nearly $171 million  in the 2019 fiscal year.He says obtaining the funding is very competitive process that includes other schools from across the country, and in some cases worldwide. “You have to know your audience, know who you’re writing for. But also for some of these agencies — especially the ones that we sort of call the mission agencies like the Department of Defense — you have know what it is that they want,” Scholz says. “So you have to work with them to figure out if what you do can help solve one of the problems that they have,” according to Scholz.Scholz says the funding for research is not only important for those doing the work– but it also reaches beyond the researchers to students. “A lot of these projects involve students, almost all of them involve students of some sort. So students are getting experiences out of the classroom to augment those classroom experiences,” Scholz says. “…Certainly the graduate students and others are learning hot to do research to do this for a career.”The funding report does not include a $115 million award from NASA to Iowa physicist Craig Kletzing — which was the single largest externally funded research project in the U-I’s history. Some of that funding is expected to be included in the 2020 fiscal year.last_img read more

Who Is an Educated Person?

first_imgThe focus of this second article of the series on the indispensable role of education in national recovery and development is on the question, “What is education?” Or, “Who is an educated person?” The question of who is an educated person is an important one because there are all kinds of ideas as to what education is and who is an educated person. Therefore this article will seek to answer, as succinctly as possible the question, “Who is an educated person?” The introductory article on national independence and the role of education in it observed the following key points:What is independence? The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines independence  as “freedom from political control by other countries,” This definition is about political freedom or national independence whereby a country declares itself independent of other countries or freed from political control by other countries. It is achieved when a country or a group of people can manage their own affairs (political, economic and social) without interference from others. That is what Liberian gained in 1847.Since Liberia declared herself independent in 1847, she has been slow in actualizing the dreams and aspirations of her founding fathers, to be the beckon of light to the then “dark” continent of Africa by converting the African peoples to the Christian faith. She has neither done much evangelism nor has she led the way for socio-economic advancement for other African countries to follow; rather she been lacking behind in these areas though she contributed immensely towards the political emancipation of other African countries.The civil war (1989-2003) exacerbated the slow progress to human resource, economic, social and infrastructural development of Liberia. In fact she lost much of the already little and slow progress made.One of the said things that have happened to our educational system as a society is the invasion of corruption. Over decades corruption has come in, grown and taken deep roots and will take concerted efforts and years to defeat and marginalize it. All Liberian sectors are to blame to a lesser or greater degree for this national failure.The well known visionary and innovative scholar, Nicholas Negroponte has noted: “No matter what global problem you are dreading… the solutions will always include education, never is it without an education component and sometimes cannot be done without education.”The question “who is an educated person” implies the purpose of education. The word education has all sorts of meanings and connotations. Its origin, educare, means to lead out. Education occurs when, knowledge, skills and habits are formed, through teaching, training and research, usually transferred from one person or generation to another. It always involves both teaching and learning. Another definition of education is any experience that has a formative influence on a person is a form of education.Education can be formal. Formal education is usually well structured and involves learning lots of theories and formulae. It can be informal like the poro or sandi societies or apprenticeship by observing and doing (practical).Whatever form it takes the overall purpose or objective of education is to cultivate competence, efficiency, and to build character.Martin Luther King, Jr. sees the purpose of education as two-fold: (1) utility—to make people useful and to be able to contribute to the wellbeing of society; and (2) character—to instill lasting values in people. Lasting values include putting God first, integrity (honesty, fairness to self and others), hard work, sharing the good things of life (God’s blessings) with others, and respecting the feelings, opinions and rights of others. Competence and efficiency without character or morals could be dangerous. A trained mind without morals could be the worst criminal! That person could use his/her well developed mind for dishonorable purposes! For example, some of the IT gurus are Cyber criminals (rogues)! Education is not learning everything but learning how to learn. So a sound education aims at competence, efficiency, creativity, initiative, and possessing lasting values of a divine-influenced and directed life, and seeking the welfare of others and society in general. A well educated person is one who is equipped to live a better life and to help others live better lives.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

9 Resolutions for Sales Managers

first_imgStop Managing, Start Leading: The role of sales manager is really a leadership role. The choice you often have to make is whether your primary role is managerial and administrative or whether it is leading a team. Resolve to spend more time leading and less managing.Stop Managing, Start Coaching: You want your team to be resourceful, and you want them to take initiative. Telling people what to do deprives them of the chance to do either one of these. Resolve to spend more time coaching.Fewer, More Impactful Meetings: Cut the number of meetings you have by some amount that shocks everyone, including your peers. Then, make sure that every meeting you have ends with some concrete change that people are accountable for and that results in a noticeable, measurable improvement.Less Email, More Face-to-Face: If there is an overused technology more detrimental to producing results, I am not sure what it is. If the conversation is important, have it face-to-face, over a video chat, or over the telephone (in that order). Resolve to communicate in the most effective manner possible.More Praise!: Everyone loves to be recognized for their contribution. People love to be celebrated, and they love to celebrate their victories. You want to improve your culture? You want to do something that changes your relationship with your team that doesn’t cost anything? Resolve to dole out some serious praise.More Gratitude!: I am sure you are grateful for the results your team produces. But they don’t recognize or feel that gratitude unless you make them feel it. Say thank you. Send a card. Resolve to appreciate the good work your team does.More Air Cover: Your team needs you to negotiate on their behalf with the organization for whom you are all working. They need help making adjustments on behalf of their clients and dream clients. They need help, and they need additional support and resources. Resolve to provide more air cover.Listen Up: Sometimes your team just needs you to be there to listen. Instead of trying to share your thoughts and ideas, just let them speak until they run out of words. More than half the time, your team will answer their own questions by talking it out without you saying word. But the fact that you listened is priceless. You resolve to listen more.Reflect: Leadership is a difficult role. You need to take down time to think, to reflect, and to synthesize your experience. Resolve to spend some time working to become the leader that you aspire to be–and the leader your team needs now.last_img read more

Raiders debut at NYC

first_imgWhat’s bad and mean and now a little bit green? The ACT Raiders of course!The Touch Football ACT representative teams at the 2015 Harvey Norman National Youth Championships have launched their new team name as well as new uniforms for the event at Sunshine Coast Stadium this week. Formerly the ACT Pirates, the Raiders have a new-look uniform that includes the Canberra Raiders logo as well as a green stripe in the uniform. The transition comes as the Canberra Raiders/Touch Football ACT relationship continues to grow, just over two years on from the NRL/TFA Strategic Alliance announcement. It is common to see Touch Football exhibition matches at Raiders home games, while there have been numerous Raiders players making appearances at Touch Football ACT events and functions over the past two years.Even Victor the Viking is making an appearance at the event, the first mascot to make the trip to the Sunshine Coast!Touch Football ACT Business Development Manager, Rod Wise said that the organisation is excited about the change.“It is good timing as we were required to change the branding/logos on our refreshed playing uniforms for national teams,” Wise said. “We decided on a name change and with the strategic alliance objective of forming close relationships with NRL Clubs we changed our name to the ACT Raiders. “The new uniforms feature the Raiders secondary logo and a fusion of both entities colours. The new uniforms will be worn for the first time at the NYC.”Canberra Raiders CEO, Don Furner said it’s great to see the relationship achieving so many outcomes. “The relationship between the Raiders and Touch Football ACT has been going from strength to strength and we’re now even closer with the naming of the ACT Raiders Touch Football representative teams,” Furner said. “We look forward to a continued working relationship and growing participation numbers in both Rugby League and Touch Football across the region.” TFA CEO, Colm Maguire said ‘the assignment of the Raiders brand is significant and further embeds the outstanding collaboration occurring between Touch Football and Rugby League in the nation’s capital’. “It is outstanding to see that the pathway links to the elite level in both sports now share the same brand,” Maguire said. “We’ve said for a long time that the relationship with the Raiders has been the benchmark, in every club we are talking to, the Raiders are the shining example of what can be achieved in partnership with a NRL club. “Everyone has been absolutely fantastic and then if you look at what Ricky and the team have done in terms of being able to support any of the game development activities that are happening around Canberra, it’s just been an amazing outcome for us and certainly one that the organisation has been really appreciative of.”Keep up-to-date with all of the latest from the 2015 Harvey Norman National Youth Championships in the following ways:Website – – – – – ‘Team App’ and search for ‘National Youth Championships’ to keep up-to-date with all of the latest National Youth Championships related information.Related LinksRaiders at NYC!last_img read more

10 months agoArsenal boss Emery: We’re yet to find a playing identity

first_imgArsenal boss Emery: We’re yet to find a playing identityby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal boss Unai Emery admits they’re yet to find a playing identity.The Gunners head to St Mary’s on Sunday to face Southampton for the first match of four in the space of 10 days.”I think it’s a very big match like every match in the Premier League,” Emery said. “Southampton have some very good players and a new coach who has good experience and good performances in Germany.”On Sunday I think they are going to push against us a lot. We need to prepare very well for the match with a very big personality because we want to be consistent.”Every challenge is to continue doing that and Sunday is a big challenge and a big match, and also we are looking forward to continuing our improvement and good moment knowing that it’s difficult. “Every match gives us a struggle in terms of work and continuing in our way. Against Southampton on Sunday, it’s about preparing for a different match. We need to create a stronger identity and our personality is getting better in each game. We are playing games our way.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

10 months agoLiverpool defender Van Dijk: Record price-tag never affected me

first_imgLiverpool defender Van Dijk: Record price-tag never affected meby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool defender Virgil van Dijk says his world record transfer fee has never weighed on him.Van Dijk left Southampton a year ago for Liverpool in a £75m deal – a record for a defender.The Dutchman told AD: “Quite frankly, it does not do much for me. I can also do very little with it. It is, at most, something that people will start with when you play a lesser game. “But that amount … I know it works like that in football.”De Vrij also said: “I am the proud captain of my country. I play everything at Liverpool, in the international matches with the Oranje squad we all have an excellent feeling. But it goes on and on. We play football in England every three or four days. There is little time.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Prince William Visits Rhino Horn Demand Reduction Campaign In Viet Nam

first_imgHis Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, saw first-hand this week the efforts by the government of Viet Nam and animal protection organisation Humane Society International to inspire Viet Nam’s school children to protect rhinos from devastating poaching by reducing demand for rhino horn.In an event featuring school children from the Hong Ha primary school in Hanoi, Prince William spoke about the need to protect rhinos from poaching and urge the public to shun rhino horn consumption. HSI wildlife Program Manager Adam Peyman read children the book called “I’m a Little Rhino,” written and produced jointly by the Viet Nam CITES Management Authority and HSI, and illustrated by Peyman, to teach children about rhino poaching concerns, conservation efforts and to dispel the myth that rhino horn has medicinal value.Prince William is in Viet Nam to attend the Hanoi Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, a conference in which participants will call for tangible and unified action against illegal wildlife trade. A week earlier, HSI funded an event in which Viet Nam government officials destroyed 2,177.5 kg of elephant ivory tusks and 70.1 kg of rhinoceros horns confiscated from the illegal trade, to permanently remove the products from trade, call public attention to the poaching and trafficking tragedy, and urge people not to buy or use elephant ivory or rhino horn. A rhino is killed for its horn every 10 hours in South Africa, largely to satisfy demand in Viet Nam.Teresa Telecky, Ph.D., director of HSI’s wildlife department and author of “I’m a Little Rhino,” said: “We are thrilled that Prince William is helping to bring attention to the plight of rhinos and the dire poaching crisis they face, which is decimating their wild populations in Africa and Asia. Driving the crisis is the demand for rhino horn for its use in traditional medicines and health tonics despite the horn having no medicinal value. Our “I’m a Little Rhino” book educates children about rhinos and the threats to their survival and encourages them to ask adults in their lives not to buy or consume rhino horn.”HSI has been working with the government of Viet Nam since 2013 on a national, government-led campaign to reduce demand for rhino horn in the country. Viet Nam is one of the world’s major transit points for and consumers of trafficked ivory and horn. The multi-faceted campaign has reached an estimated 34 million people — approximately one-third of the national population. According to national poll results, over the three years of the campaign, the demand for rhino horn has dropped by 38 percent and the number of people in Viet Nam who think rhino horn has medical value has decreased by 25 percent.One of the campaign’s main priorities is educating children, and “I’m a Little Rhino” is at the heart of the program. The book tells the story from the perspective of a little rhino affected by poaching, and teaches children that poaching is a crime, that the horns have no medicinal properties, and that wildlife must be valued and protected. The book has now been distributed to 700 primary schools and is formally part of the school curriculum.“I’m a Little Rhino” is the first book in HSI’s “I’m a Little…” series of children’s books and videos, produced through our partnership with the Vietnamese government. Other books include I’m a Little Elephant, I’m a Little Pangolin, and “I’m a Little Tiger” to reduce demand for products from these animals.In addition to the schools education project, the demand reduction campaign has focused on Viet Nam’s capital city, Ha Noi, and engaged stakeholder groups including the 800,000-member Ha Noi Women’s Association, the business and scientific community, university students, as well as leading health experts. The organisation launched advertisements on city centre and airport billboards and on city busses.last_img read more