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first_imgIS IT TRUE its common knowledge that HB 1487 has been scrapped by its sponsors?  …many of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff Office employees are extremely upset with the open and aggressive way that a couple of democratic office holders openly opposed this bill in City Council, County Council and County Commission meetings?  …if this bill would had passed it would had insured that money would be available to add another correctional pod to our County jail?  …we also hear that some Union members are also upset with them because if this bill was approved it was likely that union workers would had been hired to build this complex?IS IT TRUE that the provision in the law that was set to allow local government to increase the local option income tax by 25% may never see the light of day at the state level?…this little inconvenience has some local authorities in a near panic since they had already planned on spending this money before they even had the authority to take it from taxpayers?…this tax if passed would have costed the average worker in Vanderburgh County an additional $107 per year?…if this doesn’t get authorized at the state level the already full jail may just have to start packing the inmates in tighter than sardines to make up for the taxes they need to ease the burden on the jail’s capacity?…there is one solution that no one seems to dwell very much on and that is to somehow stop the lawless part of our population from being lawless?…in an orderly society with no criminal actions the ideal size of the jail would be exactly zero beds?…while that isn’t practical, it is practical to expect better behavior from the people of this town?…when one considers that the average family is being asked to increase their tax payments on income by 25% to house common criminals or give up those funds that could go to their children’s education, it makes one want to bite a nail in half?IS IT TRUE the University of Evansville Purple Aces dropped a heartbreaker to Indiana State in overtime?…this extends the Aces losing streak to 9 games and has them temporarily in last place by themselves in the Missouri Valley Conference with a 1-10 record?…prior to last night’s game the Aces and the Sycamores were sharing the cellar with identical 1-9 records?…we do hope to see the Aces get out of the funk and have a more prosperous February than January was?IS IT TRUE it has been reported that President Donald Trump is going to make a push to eliminate the seldom enforced IRS rule that jeopardizes the tax exempt status of churches if the church leaders engage in political endorsements inside the church?…this is commonly considered to be part of the separation of church and state on which this country was founded?…in spite of this rule spiritual leaders such as the Pope, televangelists (TV preachers), and even some traditional pastors routinely leave no doubt about what their political preferences are without any financial consequence?…there are several solutions to this conundrum and one that would be the simplest is just to tax the property of churches and let the pastors, rabbis, or ministers say whatever they want to about politics?…we are sure that there will be more made of this than is necessary as most people are well aware of their church’s position on elections with or without the law?…some of the original intent that inspired the separation of church and state had more to do with not allowing persecution of certain religions by agents of the state as was practiced in Europe before the United States was formed?…one would think we can all agree that persecution for one’s beliefs should be banned?…one could also make a strong case that when the state or federal government uses the tax laws to muzzle political discussions among people of like beliefs that the boundary between church and state has actually been violated by the state?FOOTNOTE: Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that our elected officials should push the State to include Ivy Tech in the IU-Evansville Medical school project?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more