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Maingear EPIC hasslefree liquid cooling will keep desktop CPUs chilly

first_imgComputer cooling isn’t nearly as big a subject as is was a few years back but that doesn’t mean companies forgot about it. As with other products, designs have changed over time and aspects have improved, so even though today’s CPUs don’t typically require the sort of cooling they did years ago, powerful cooling gear still exists. And what better application is there for it than Maingear’s enthusiasts desktops?In case you were wondering, people are still using liquid cooling, though the number has been reduced to people that need serious cooling for chips that are being pushed to their limits. The difference now is that diehard enthusiasts don’t need to become professional plumbers to install and maintain a liquid cooling system: Maingear’s new EPIC desktop “performance intercoolers” feature a closed-loop liquid cooling design that is maintenance-free. With three different radiator sizes, ranging from 120mm to 180mm, all different CPUs and overclocking levels can be supported.The CPU side of the EPIC has a built-in pump that’s been engineered to be quieter than ever and it is said to consume just 1.2W, so it’s thrifty with power as well. And with the larger radiator sizes users can keep their cooling fan running at under 1000RPM so noise production is kept to a minimum. Best of all, the sealed design means the liquid will never need refilling, and the chance of it exploding and ruining your PC one day (gotta love watercooling) is quite small.The EPIC 120 will be found in Maingear’s Shift desktop, the Epic 140 will be used in the F131, and finally the small form-factor Vybe will use the baby of the bunch, the EPIC 120. The EPIC 180 is a $90 upgrade on the Shift desktop, the EPIC 124 is a $20 upgrade on the F131 S, and the EPIC 120 will run you an extra $28 on the Vybe S.via Maingearlast_img read more