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Warning sounded over dangerous buildings

first_img Previous articleHave your say: Should Sarsfield’s statue be moved?Next articlePride of place needed to clean up city admin “We certainly don’t want a repeat of what happened in Cork a few years ago when a disused building collapsed on to the street killing an innocent person,” he said.“Because these buildings are not currently being used for either residential or commercial use there is a greater danger that they will deteriorate at a faster pace, leading to possible structural concerns and safety issues, and as the city council is the local statutory agency with responsibility for planning and building control, we must carry out a complete structural and safety audit without delay.“Once this report is completed we can consider its findings and formally instruct the owners to comply with the recommendations made, so as to ensure that no member of the public is in any way in danger from walking close to the buildings involved”.Cllr Leddin has been informed that the City Hall management have had a number of discussions with the owners of the site.“The sooner we consider and agree alternative options for this site – such as a city centre transport hub for cars and buses, the better”. Twitter NewsLocal NewsWarning sounded over dangerous buildingsBy admin – October 2, 2010 592 Linkedin Facebook WhatsApp Email CONCERN that one or a number of buildings located in the area designated to the stalled Opera Centre might collapse on to a street, has been voiced by Cllr Joe Leddin, who has called on Limerick City Council to instigate an inspection of all the buildings included in the original proposed development. Pointing out that many of the buildings are over 100 years old and have not been occupied for many years, the Labour councillor said that many front on to streets with high levels of pedestrian traffic.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Print Advertisementlast_img read more

General Election 2020 to be held on Saturday, February 8

first_imgLimerick on alert as city hit by Covid outbreaks Key restrictions ‘significantly’ tightened to combat spread of Coronavirus Limerick Senator has beef with meat industry Will @LimerickCouncil agree to add all voters who have submitted forms since the last electoral register was published to the Supplementary Register for the General [email protected]_Leader @Live95fmNews @limerickpost @LimerickToday— Claire Keating Green Party Candidate (@ClaireKeatingGP) January 14, 2020 TAGSClaire KeatingGE2020general electionGeneral Election 2020IrelandLimerick City and CountyNewspolitics Print Email Linkedin Government ‘makes a complete mess’ of pub reopening Advertisement “It’s already been revealed that Dublin City and Fingal Councils will include all new voters from the last year on the Supplementary Register, which is allowed under the Electoral Act. I’m sure all parties would agree that Limerick City and County Council should act now and announce they will do the same.” Twittercenter_img NewsPoliticsGeneral Election 2020 to be held on Saturday, February 8By Cian Reinhardt – January 14, 2020 274 This will be the first time a General Election vote will be held on a Saturday, and candidates are now facing into a four-week campaign.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up “In holding the General Election on a Saturday for the first time, I do so knowing the inconvenience to families of a polling day on a weekday during school term – time off work, lost income, increased childcare costs. I also want to make it easier for students and those working away from home to cast their votes,” Mr Varadkar said.With progress made on Brexit in the United Kingdom, the Fine Gael leader believes now is the “best time for the country” to hold a General Election.Addressing the short run-in to the polling day, he said, “Brexit is not done yet. In fact, it’s only half-time.“The next step is to negotiate a free trade agreement between the EU including Ireland and the United Kingdom that protects our jobs, our businesses, our rural communities and our economy.“The capacity to do everything else that needs to be done – health, housing, climate action, tax reform – depends on achieving this outcome. And, it has to be done by the end of the year.“There exists now a window of opportunity to hold a General Election and to have a new Government in place before the next European Council meeting in March with a strong mandate to focus on these negotiations into the summer and autumn.”The short campaign was met with some concern from opposition parties and candidates over the fact that some citizens eligible to vote may not have enough time to register.Claire Keating, the Green Party candidate for Limerick County, has called on Limerick Council to confirm that everyone who has registered to vote in the last year will be able to vote in the upcoming General Election.“After yesterday’s revelation that people who registered to vote since the last register was published might not be able to vote if the election is in early February, it’s important that Limerick Council moves quickly to end any uncertainty. Excluding new registrations would be undemocratic, and would be a total waste of Garda time if people need to go back and get new set of forms signed.” Previous articleWins for Thomond, Richmond and Abbeyfeale over the weekendNext articleLimerick Post Show | Metis Music for Mental Health Cian Reinhardthttp://www.limerickpost.ieJournalist & Digital Media Coordinator. Covering human interest and social issues as well as creating digital content to accompany news stories. [email protected] RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WhatsApp Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has confirmed that the General Election will be held on Saturday, February 8. Facebook Discover the wonders of Limerick during Heritage Week TAOISEACH Leo Varadkar has confirmed that the General Election will be held on Saturday, February 8. Changes to the Student Support Scheme for people living in Direct Provision last_img read more

Climate change and ice cores

first_imgPredicting how climate will change in the future requires a sound understanding of physical processes. This is underpinned by observation of how and why climate has changed in the past. Ice cores are a rich source of such information, and a topic that combines exciting fieldwork with a highly relevant academic discipline. In this article I will describe what ice cores are, and how we collect them, and describe some of the important results obtained from them.last_img

How Bees Do It.

first_imgThe world’s first manufacturers of sweets and plastic are still hard at work, contributing more than $144 million each year to U.S. food production. If you see them in your yard, don’t kill them. Colonies move in swarms Killer bees not in Georgia The flying swarm can cluster on a tree branch or other object while scout bees search for a nest site. “A hanging swarm may take on any shape, depending on the surface where the bees are clustered,” Delaplane said. “Most hanging swarms are round or oval, about the size of a basketball and dark brown.” Swarms in your yard? Honeybee swarms may move in If honey bees swarm in your yard, you have several options: Don’t disturb them. If the swarm poses a real risk to people or animals, find a local beekeeper who will remove it. Not all beekeepers collect swarms, and some may charge a fee for the service. Your county Extension Service agent can refer you to local beekeepers who collect swarms. Swarms search new sites If the swarm is safely away from animals and people, wait for it to fly away on its own.center_img “Each year honey bee colonies reproduce by a process called swarming,” said Keith Delaplane, an Extension Service entomologist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “During midwinter, the queen begins laying eggs and the colony’s population grows,” Delaplane said. “By spring, the nest is congested with many new bees. The colony raises a new queen, and the old queen flies away, accompanied by more than half the bees.” If Africanized bees, commonly known as killer bees, are known to be in your area, report the swarm to your county Extension Service agent or the state Department of Agriculture. Fortunately, Africanized bees aren’t known to be anywhere near Georgia. For more information on bee swarms, contact your county Extension Service agent. Or see the bee-related publications on the Web at BEES ARE GOOD — REALLY! Many homeowners see bee swarms or hives as a threat, but Marco Fonseca, an Extension Service agent in Cherokee County loves to get calls about bees. “The callers see (bee) swarms as a problem. But I see them as great, because I know we’re increasing the wild bee population.” More bees means more effective pollination in gardens and crop fields. Clustered swarms of honey bees are relatively gentle and usually won’t sting. Still, treat them with caution. In about 24 hours, they will move on to their new home. Unfortunately for some people, the bees’ new home may be inside your walls. “Wall voids are attractive to honey bee swarms looking for a home,” Delaplane said. “This is especially true if the cavity has had bees in it before.” To prevent bees from nesting in walls, caulk potential entry sites, including known holes, gaps in siding and openings around plumbing or electric wires. If you need ventilation around the openings, cover them with window screening. “Africanized honey bees are probably the biggest anticlimax of the decade,” Delaplane said. “They first entered the country in 1990 in Texas. To everyone’s surprise, they began moving west. “They’re now found in southern New Mexico, Arizona and California,” he said. “But they haven’t even moved as far east as Houston. We can start relaxing a little bit.” M. Fonseca, UGA CAESlast_img read more