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Why Warriors’ start in 2018-19 better than 2017-18

first_imgMark Medina breaks down what to watch as the Golden State Warriors prepare for games against the Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Pelicans and Minnesota Timberwolves this week. NEW YORK – One moment, the Warriors are making a video poking fun at Fergie’s rendition of the national anthem during the 2018 NBA All-Star game. At another moment, the Warriors are keeping a strict routine with meticulous treatment in the training room. At another moment, the Warriors appear excited every time one of their …last_img

NPPC urging Senate to address COOL

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The National Pork Producers Council and 34 state pork producer organizations are urging the Senate to take up legislation to repeal country of origin labeling requirements for beef, pork and poultry before Congress takes a month-long recess beginning in early August.The U.S. Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) law requires meat to be labeled with the country where the animal from which it was derived was born, raised and harvested. (It also applies to fish, shellfish, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables and certain nuts.)The World Trade Organization (WTO) in May rejected an appeal by the United States of the international trade body’s October 2014 ruling that the COOL provisions on beef and pork discriminate against Canadian and Mexican animals, which they send to the United States to be fed out and processed. The WTO decision allows Canada and Mexico to place retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods going into their countries.In a letter sent today to every member of the Senate, NPPC and the state pork associations urged lawmakers “to introduce and pass legislation to repeal country of origin labeling requirements for pork, beef and poultry before the August recess. Without swift repeal, the Congress will imperil U.S. exports and jobs.”Canada has asked the WTO to authorize $3 billion (Canadian dollars, or about $2.4 billion U.S. dollars) a year in retaliatory tariffs against U.S. imports, and Mexico is seeking $713 million in retaliation.Some senators have suggested making COOL voluntary, a proposal dismissed by the pork groups. “At this point, if Congress were to change the labeling law, the WTO would not review such changes,” the organizations said in their letter. “The only thing left for the WTO to do in the case is to determine the level of retaliation that Canada and Mexico can extract from the United States, whose day in court is over.”They pointed out that Canada and Mexico are insisting that they will not remove the retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products until there the meat labeling provisions of COOL are repealed.The House in June approved H.R. 2393 to amend the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 to repeal the meat labeling provisions. NPPC and the state pork associations are urging the Senate to take up that measure. (Click here to read the NPPC-state letter.)last_img read more

Shazam Now Doing Recommendations with Newly Launched App

first_imgThe new application, Shazam Encore, adds even more functionality including improved speed performance, trend lists that highlight what’s popular among other Shazam users, a search function that taps into a database of 8 million+ songs, music recommendations and a “drive-and-tag” feature that lets the app recognize when it’s in an in-car dock so it can identify what’s playing on the radio while you’re driving.But How are Those Recommendations?Out of all the new features, however, it’s the music recommendations option which is the most interesting. Recommendations are the killer feature which can either make or break a mobile application these days. With services like and Pandora already providing mobile users with playlists based on a user’s likes or dislikes, Shazam needs to be able to do recommendations well – really well – in order to compete with these already popular applications. In addition, the up-and-comer streaming music service from Spotify also partnered with The Echo Nest’s music intelligence platform earlier this year to help improve on Spotify’s playlist and music discovery functions. The end results of that partnership have been touted as being like the iTunes’ “Genius” feature, only better. Although not yet available in the U.S., Spotify’s mobile application is one of the most highly anticipated applications as it provides a new way to enjoy music – through playlist creations that can be listened to both online and off. It, too, will be heavy competition for any application entering into the music recommendations game, including, of course, Shazam. So where does that leave Shazam Encore? At the moment, its recommendations offering provides you with a list of other songs you might like based on the one track you have pulled up. While this might help you discover new music, you aren’t able to create a playlist based on those songs. Instead, Shazam’s focus remains more on the sharing of music via tagging and posting to Twitter and Facebook.As far as how good Shazam’s recommendations are, we would need to do a lot more testing before giving a solid opinion – the app is just too new. In fact, it’s so new that it wasn’t even showing up in an iTunes Store search at the time of writing. The provided screenshot in the App Store doesn’t look all that encouraging, though. (Really, a fan of indie band My Sad Captains wants to listen to Katy Perry singing about “kissing a girl?” I don’t think so…)But whether or not the recommendations are up to speed, it remains to be seen whether iPhone app shoppers will be willing to fork over the $4.99 US (£2.99/ €3.99) to have access to them, especially when there’s no playlist option included. Those interested in trying the new Encore application can find it now in the App Store by clicking here. 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout Tags:#Apple#music#Product Reviews#Recommendation Engines#web 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… Related Posts Shazam, the music discovery iPhone application which gained widespread adoption thanks to its appearance in an iPhone TV commercial, is now getting a ton of new features thanks to the launch of a premium application called Shazam Encore. This new application adds music recommendations, trend charts, music searches and more to its core set of features already made available in the free version of Shazam.Does this mean Shazam is about to give Pandora and the like a run for their money?About Shazam EncoreThe free Shazam application is best known for its nifty tune identification trick. Mobile users can hold their iPhones up next to a speaker or other source of music and the application “listens” to what’s being played in order to identify the song and artist. It also lets you read track and album reviews, read artist biographies and tag songs to share with friends over Facebook and Twitter. sarah perezlast_img read more

9 Resolutions for Sales Managers

first_imgStop Managing, Start Leading: The role of sales manager is really a leadership role. The choice you often have to make is whether your primary role is managerial and administrative or whether it is leading a team. Resolve to spend more time leading and less managing.Stop Managing, Start Coaching: You want your team to be resourceful, and you want them to take initiative. Telling people what to do deprives them of the chance to do either one of these. Resolve to spend more time coaching.Fewer, More Impactful Meetings: Cut the number of meetings you have by some amount that shocks everyone, including your peers. Then, make sure that every meeting you have ends with some concrete change that people are accountable for and that results in a noticeable, measurable improvement.Less Email, More Face-to-Face: If there is an overused technology more detrimental to producing results, I am not sure what it is. If the conversation is important, have it face-to-face, over a video chat, or over the telephone (in that order). Resolve to communicate in the most effective manner possible.More Praise!: Everyone loves to be recognized for their contribution. People love to be celebrated, and they love to celebrate their victories. You want to improve your culture? You want to do something that changes your relationship with your team that doesn’t cost anything? Resolve to dole out some serious praise.More Gratitude!: I am sure you are grateful for the results your team produces. But they don’t recognize or feel that gratitude unless you make them feel it. Say thank you. Send a card. Resolve to appreciate the good work your team does.More Air Cover: Your team needs you to negotiate on their behalf with the organization for whom you are all working. They need help making adjustments on behalf of their clients and dream clients. They need help, and they need additional support and resources. Resolve to provide more air cover.Listen Up: Sometimes your team just needs you to be there to listen. Instead of trying to share your thoughts and ideas, just let them speak until they run out of words. More than half the time, your team will answer their own questions by talking it out without you saying word. But the fact that you listened is priceless. You resolve to listen more.Reflect: Leadership is a difficult role. You need to take down time to think, to reflect, and to synthesize your experience. Resolve to spend some time working to become the leader that you aspire to be–and the leader your team needs now.last_img read more

NewsAlert Singh gets his chance for a seat as Trudeau calls three

first_imgOTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has set Feb. 25 as the date for byelections in three vacant ridings — including the British Columbia riding where NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is hoping to win a seat in the House of Commons.Trudeau has called the byelections for Burnaby South, the Ontario riding of York-Simcoe and Montreal’s Outremont.The byelections will be a crucial test for New Democrats, who’ve been struggling to find their footing since their party was relegated to a distant third in the 2015 general election.But the race in Outremont, left vacant after former NDP leader Tom Mulcair resigned, will also be seen as a test of whether the NDP can hang on what’s left of the orange wave that swept Quebec in 2011.The Conservatives are expected to easily keep York-Simcoe, left vacant by the resignation of long-time Tory MP Peter Van Loan.Trudeau has not called a byelection in another B.C. riding, Nanaimo-Ladysmith, vacated last week by New Democrat MP Sheila Malcolmson, who is seeking a seat in the provincial legislature.The Canadian Presslast_img read more