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Bosch Brings Smart Tech to Strollers

first_img It’s never too early to get hooked on technology, according to Bosch.The German home appliance maker this week unveiled a new e-stroller assistance system for parents and babies.“Bosch wants its mobility solutions to offer help even before a child can walk, bringing intelligent mobility to all areas of life,” Stefan Hartung, chairman of the Mobility Solutions sector, said in a statement.Suitable for single, twin, or sibling strollers, the system features two low-noise electric motors for automatic push and brake support.The system’s steering support also brings clear benefits when pushing with just one hand (via Bosch)On an uphill path, for instance, the motors will help propel the buggy forward; when walking downhill, they can brake accordingly—even prevent the perambulator from rolling away unchecked. An electromechanical lock engages the parking brake.More than a boon for baby, Bosch’s e-stroller system has been shown to improve parents’ posture (no more bending over to push) and ease back pain; it also makes it easier to steer with just one hand, particularly when navigating around corners.What’s a smart device, though, without a smartphone app?Users can choose from three levels of electric assistance using the associated smartphone app (via Bosch)The associated program (available for Android and iOS) lets users keep an eye on the life expectancy of the integrated 18-volt lithium-ion battery which, when fully charged, offers a range of up to 15 km (9 miles), depending on level of assistance and weight of stroller.It can also be used to activate the alarm—handy when you’re leaving the empty stroller parked out of sight.While connected through Bluetooth, the application alerts users when anyone tries to push their stroller away. An additional alarm will sound from the carriage’s loudspeaker, and the parking brake automatically engages.Folks can also charge their handset using the system’s USB port.The e-stroller system is expected to launch in early 2020 with Swedish manufacturer Emmaljunga. Collaborations with additional manufacturers are planned.Watch: This Smart Camera Sees the World Through a Baby’s EyesMore on This Baby’s First Word is ‘Google’This Smart Toilet Adds Alexa to Your Bathroom RoutineThese Tags Convert Just About Anything Into a Smart Device Bosch active gas pedal helps cut fuel use by 7%Bosch creates a robot that punches weeds out of existence Stay on targetlast_img read more