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Aguirre: “We all support Cholo, Atleti owes everything”

first_imgHow is the squad after the Getafe hit?Better, much better. It was not an easy victory in the Cup, but the team’s spirit always finds the balm in the victories. We do not disparage any rival. We are happy with the reaction of the team. There are no injured except Siovas, who is almost ready. That gives you peace of mind. We are recovered. It is not worth giving excuses or lamenting. Here you lose against Getafe, and that’s it. You have a bad time that night. Immediately turn the page. If anyone got caught, I’ll go for him, as I did with one. He reacted well, period. We are looking forward to tomorrow.Are you afraid of the club and you with the possible departure of Braithwaite?What if the club is quiet? The club or me? Ask them (laughs). I don’t care about anything after the other day … until 31 I will work with whatever I have. If something goes or comes, welcome … or well gone. In practice I train with what I have up to date. And I’m happy, really. That this is over. When it’s over, we’ll see who we are and where we are going.Are you seeing the light come to the signings?Well, I don’t know … I said that if one striker left, let another one come. If two leave, let two come. But neither more. Untill there. I am not in everyday life seeing what happens. That office job does not apply to me. I already stated it. When I made it public, I made it private I never like to send messages through you. But you knew it before me … you have good names …Can you reassure the fans by reassuring them about the signings?No, I cannot guarantee anything. Yes I can guarantee what we have done in these eight games except in one: a recognizable, competitive, serious team, with its limitations but that shows its face. Except for 30 minutes, against Getafe, in the rest we have competed. Although we have lost. I can guarantee that. That people can recognize the Leganés: aguerrido and delivered. Who knows how to defend and attack. We are just building a team in three months. It is the most I can offer people. The other is not for me to offer or promise anything.But have you talked to Braithwaite to stay?No, no … what they asked me is the first news I have. Maybe the one who asked me knows a lot … He gave this other bastard names, doesn’t he? (Laughs)You who have been in Atlético, could the Cholo message have been exhausted?I would be the last mortal capable of saying something bad about Simeone. I admire and respect him deeply. I was in that house for three years and I know the difficulties involved, like another club. He was able to generate everything. And when I say everything, I say everything: players, quarry, titles, money, put the Atleti back where it deserved … we are talking about someone who, with Aragonese, family and Cerezo, who should most appreciate Atlético fans. I would be unable to make a negative judgment. Zero.Make a first reaction of the Cup and the crossing with Barça …I tried not to talk about it and yesterday nobody commented on it. Yesterday a colleague sent me a message and asked me for an opinion. It makes no sense at the moment to talk about something that goes in the second instance. First there is Atlético, which is A. And then B, which is Barcelona. We will see later how we organize ourselves. At the moment we are 100% focused on Atlético. If we put 99%, that 1% that we leave will be invoiced, safe, secure. It is an Atlético team that deserves our respect since we finished against Ebro. Javier Aguirre is an outgoing guy. Never lies. In his way of being and acting there is no trap or cardboard. So sincere, he is able to delay the start of a press conference because he thinks he has lost the wedding ring by removing his gloves and laughing at himself when he discovers he is still wearing it. Genius and figure. That is why his response to the crisis of Atlético de Madrid and the doubts generated by Cholo are matters of a pure heart. They leave his soul. Thus, sincere and direct, he launched himself to protect the figure of Simeone in the previous visit of the Leganés (his Leganés) to the Metropolitan Wanda.“We all support Cholo. We owe it all, from the titles, to the quarry, to the money… I will be the last mortal to criticize it, ”he said in an almost corporate tone while haggling doubts about a transfer market that has punished the pickles with five casualties ( that of En Nesyri, the most important) and no reinforcement (for now). “I can not guarantee (signings come), only that this Leganés will be a recognizable and aguerrido team”What casualties do you have against Atlético?We have Rubén Pérez, by sanction, and Siovas, who is on time. Probably after Atlético will join to play the Cup. There is no more.Complicated match and need to score.We have a great need since I came here, five games ago. We have scored in five games and have failed in three. We have to continue in that line of seriousness. To understand that we are a team that if we are not together, that if we do not run and fight all, if we do not play well with the ball, we suffer. If we don’t do our job in both areas, we suffer. We are vulnerable And all that against Atlético …Atlético is a team that is fighting for the League, for the Champions League … it will make it difficult for us. In his field he is a very solid team. Outside too, but especially in his field. Few points are left there. We expect a complicated opponent as well.It will be his first presence in Wanda after his athletic past.It is emotional for me to play against Atlético. I already did it with Zaragoza and Espanyol, but going to this stadium, which once presented us with the model, with that of the sports city, when we were there … it will be exciting, obviously. From there, it is a match like any other. You have to think about adding, winning. Being in the league, stuck.Will the Atlético crisis affect Leganés for good?Atlético, as Cholo said, will not change a defeat in the Cup, as it did not change a success in Champions or a title … they have very clear ideas. The master is very clear about his philosophy. I do not think that the elimination in the Cup affects you at all. It can happen to all of us. It has happened to all of us. Miguel Ángel Gil has already left to support Cholo. We all support him, for what he has done for that club, obviously. He doesn’t deserve even the questioning. I expect the best version of Atlético.How to prepare this match? He has barely had time after the Cup.It is true. We returned late from Zaragoza, we had recovery work yesterday, but the preparation of the game was reduced to today. But as we know each other more, things go faster. Everything knows its role and what to do. It is a mechanism that is won over time. Coaches with two-three-four years in a team, make them based on their philosophy, even choosing, you make filters with the players. People like Bordalás, Moreno, Sergio, Arrasate, El Cholo … and their teams play by heart. It is true that there were many changes in Atlético, but it maintains a distance line. They don’t get out of it. Whoever comes, are still there. It will be a competitive match.last_img read more