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GMSA head slams KN over blunder in Gold Board fraud report

first_img… demands apologyControversial news outlet Kaieteur News made a major blunder in its most recent article which carries the theme of fraud discovery and defamation of reputable businessmen.GMSA President Eon CaesarPresident of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) Eon Caesar, who is also the owner of Safeway Security, was cited as the proprietor of another business fingered in a multimillion-dollar scam at the Guyana Gold Board (GGB).In a detailed missive released on Saturday, Caesar disassociated himself from the report and criticised the news outlet for failing to conduct proper research prior to the publication of an article which can cause perhaps irreversible damages to one’s character.The Glenn Lall-owned entity reported on September 15 that Safewatch Inc is owned by Caesar and was involved in a huge fraud scheme with then GGB Board Secretary Bobby Gossai, who is now the President of the newly established Guyana Oil and Gas Association (GOGA).The report revealed that Safewatch Inc received payments from the GGB amounting to $35,535,956 and $10,852,143 in 2014 and 2015 respectively, which was far above board.But Caesar made it clear that he has no affiliation with the company Safewatch Inc nor has he ever conducted any business or have business affiliations with Gossai.He posited also that he has never been awarded any contracts or done any work with the GGB.“The article published by Kaieteur News has no factual basis and the information provided about me was complete and utter falsehood! The writer of the article obviously never did any research, because had he or she done their due diligence they would have been aware of the facts and never linked my company or myself to such a libelous article,” he expressed in his statement of condemnation.Caesar lamented that his personal character and that of his company has been put in disrepute by the “unprofessional journalistic article” and in this regard, he has demanded a full retraction of the publication as well as a bold apology.The GMSA head wants the Kaieteur News editor to publish a full apology in the form of a full page article along with his photo and the true facts of Safeway Security and its non-affiliation to Safewatch Inc, the GGB and Gossai.last_img read more