Month: April 2021

Look ahead for 2006

first_imgDavid Roberts, chairman, plant bakery Frank Roberts and SonsIt is always essential when attempting to predict the future to look to the past to judge whether any event was sufficiently catastrophic to change the way we see the future.From the baking industry’s perspective the slide into administration of New Rathbones may be seen as such an event. But those with long memories will remember one weekend in 1977 when Spillers closed over 30 bakeries. By comparison, New Rathbones’ demise, except for the participants and those who lost money, did not have any national significance.The word ‘catastrophic’ certainly applied to the destruction by fire of Warburtons’ Wednesbury bakery in 2004 and, more recently, Aulds in Hamilton. The former has now been fully rebuilt and the latter re-incarnated through the extraordinary talents and commitment of Alan Marr and his team. Let’s hope we can learn the lesson from Lightbody Celebration Cakes with its award-winning fire prevention system and that its wide adoption helps to significantly reduce the incidence of fires in our industry.The way in which the harsh lessons from New Rathbones’ insolvency affects the prosperity of our industry remains to be seen. But that insightful and incisive commentator David Lang from Investec suggested it would lead to a recovery in industry profitability. If there is going to be a winner, it is already abundantly clear that Warburtons will continue to grow and penetrate the far corners of the land. Its success is a genuine antidote to below-cost selling and, make no mistake, it benefits all parts of the industry, craft included.Will there be a ‘third coming’ of Harry Kear? It is a brave person who denies, like I do, that there will be no such event. But you will notice my prediction is hedged with the religious metaphor. He has the understated passion, persistence and access to that most indispensable ingredient – financial backing.So finally, 2006 will certainly see the development of what superficially seems like a denial of everything we stand for in customer appeal – the crustless loaf. Like Victor Meldrew would say, “I DON’T believe it!”last_img read more


first_imgMacphie (Stonehaven, Kincardineshire) has launched three additions to its range of release agents: Trennol Emulsion 3, Trennol CD100 and Trennol TF380.Trennol Emulsion 3 is a water-in-oil emulsion for the release of baked goods and confectionery lines. It can be applied by electric spray gun and air-mix machines. It is available in a 10 litre plastic bottle.Trennol CD100 is water-free cutting and dividing oil for all bakery machines, including dough hoppers, dividers, bread rounders and slicers. It is available in a 10-litre tin.Trennol TF380 is an economical multi-purpose release agent. It is suitable for all bakery applications. Macphie says it is extremely easy and convenient to use.Ian Wolfenden, commercial director bakery solutions, says: “When producing different types of baked goods and snacks including bread, pizzas, pastry, cakes, biscuits or confectionery, it is important to select the right release agent to ensure cost-effective, problem-free production.”last_img read more

Slattery scoops UK Richemont Trophy

first_imgManchester-based Slattery Patissier & Chocolatier won this year’s UK Richemont Trophy at the Club’s third annual competition last week.The UK Richemont Club received a record 210 entries in the 15 classes of the competition, which was held at Martins Bakers & Sandwich Makers’ bakery in Manchester.Bakers from around the UK entered products including character biscuits, fresh cream cakes and quiche Lorraine.Slattery scooped the overall prize after its staff picked up a total of 42 points from judges.Nantwich-based Arthur Chatwin, last year’s champion, was in second place with 27 points and the hosts Martins bakery took third place with 18 points.The competition was divided into four sections, each sponsored by a supplier. Trophies were awarded to each of the category winners. The Milling & Baking Trophy, covering categories such as Sausage Rolls and Meat Pasties, went to Slattery. The company also won the Renshaw Trophy after picking up points for categories including Celebration Cakes.The Rank Hovis Trophy, which covered Brown Tin Loaf, went to Chatwins.Martins won the BakeMark Trophy, which covered categories including Danish Pastries. Slattery baker Stephen Barnes also won the Best in Show prize, sponsored by Pruve, for his Feta tart in the One Vegetable Product class.last_img read more

Mouthing off

first_img“I’m actually just a teenager, restless and goofy. Something like Hovis bread that you get in the UK; it’s white with all the goodness of brown”- Dev Patel, star of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. Umm, we’re not sure we get the metaphor either…”I help out at this market stall in Rye and we get the Cheeky Girls coming to buy bread. They haven’t got a clue who I am. I was thinking that, hopefully, the penny might drop because they’d have seen me on TV or something”- Andy Bell of 1980s pop band Erasure admits to a second career – delivering bread to farmers’ markets for Hastings’ Judges Bakery, founded by BB columnist Jo Fairley”Why should I have this guy running down the country? Who the f*** is he? How the hell are they [Starbucks] doing?”- Miaow! Ever the diplomat, business secretary Peter Mandelson is overheard commenting on Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz, who had earlier given an interview to CNBC saying Britain’s economy was caught in a downward spirallast_img read more

DrieM machine

first_imgIf you remember the amazing voice of the late, great Roy Orbison, singing “dream, dream, dream” in his famous song aptly entitled ’Dreams’, you’ll know how to pronounce the name of new company DrieM.It’s not just the name that is new. The novel design of the company’s sheeted dough line has just been patented and the machine will make its debut at IBA. But British Baker has had a peek at the plans and met Henk Hoppenbrouwer (sales and accounting) who, together with Nigel Morris (technology and sales) and Jan Vermeulen (engineering and project management), formed DrieM in January of this year.They put their plans to the Kaak Group in the Netherlands, which was impressed enough to back them and make DrieM one of its subsidiaries. And if the name Nigel Morris sounds vaguely familiar, his father and uncle ran bakery and food processing equipment company European Process Plant before they retired.Morris married a Dutch girl, settled in the Netherlands, and DrieM is the result of combining three different people with diverse talents, who make up the new DrieM company. Hoppenbrouwer says: “The Dutch word for three is Drie and we felt like the three ’musketeers’ with this pioneering project, hence ’Drie M’.”Knowing that, readers will not be surprised to learn the name of the new dough sheeter: D’Artagnan. Hoppenbrouwer says: “Before proceeding with our design, we sat down with key buyers and asked what is important?”The end-result is an automated dough sheeter, designed to process up to 3,200kg of dough per hour for artisan-style breads – ciabatta, baguettes, bloomers, pain de campagne and pizza bases. A key attribute is that a wide range of viscosities can be processed, ranging from a fine to an open structure.The thickness of the dough is set by the gaps between three sets of rollers, but in the DrieM system, the centre set of rollers can be offset to help control flow, thus minimising stress damage. A ’dynamic system’ moves back and forth to maintain consistent dough flow. Importantly, all dough levers are cantilevered, with horizontal mounting of the reduction rollers, so bakers can directly see the action.Cleaning prioritisedAlso noteworthy, says Hoppenbrouwer, is the construction, because hygiene and ease of cleaning have been prioritised. Separate doors open, which stops the line, and there are no screws to loosen. Hoppenbrouwer says that, normally with bread doughs, fouling goes everywhere, which causes downtime.Hoppenbrouwer adds: “The D’Artagnan is aimed at quality-conscious manufacturers who want to make straight-end or rounded-end artisanal-style products. French regions prefer an open and uniform dough, whereas the Spanish prefer a more open and random style; with this machine you can choose. Customers wanting round-shaped loaves can integrate a Benier rounder, with Kaak Group being the only known company to offer both technologies separate or integrated.”He adds that the machine is simple to set up, and calibrate via a PC panel. The operator only needs to change the cutting rollers and guillotine blade.The final dough sheet is 600mm wide. A non-fraying Ameraal belt transports the dough and there is a modem connection for remote diagnostics.The three ’musketeers’ are naturally hoping that DrieM’s new dough sheeting line will cut a swathe through the existing market. Make up your own mind at IBA or contact UK supplier David Marsh at Benier UK, to see it in action at Kaak Group’s headquarters.last_img read more

Don’t forget to register for Bakers’ Fair!

first_imgDon’t forget to register to visit Bakers’ Fair, supported by Norbake, taking place at Manchester Armitage Centre on Sunday 4 October.Entry is free, and visitors will have the chance to pick up lots of new tips and ideas for their businesses, as well as checking out the Richemont Club of Great Britain’s Annual Competition, including its live cake decorating challenge.Stands have now sold out, and this year the Fair will see 16 new exhibitors take to the floor. These are: Applied Principles, BFP Wholesale, British Sugar, Calypso Soft Drinks, Coultons Bread, Golden Valley Packaging, J2 Retail Systems, Keychoc, Monarch Catering Equipment, Nestlé Professional, RedBlack Software, Rich Products, SKC, Stevens Group and Unitech Industries and Wirral Fospray (see below for the full list of exhibitors). At the Stage Area, visitors can watch presentations from NAMB chairman Mike Holling, who will be talking about how craft bakers can survive on the high street, while NAMB director Anthony Kindred will discuss salt reduction. Software company RedBlack will illustrate the benefits of bakery software.The show is open from 9.30am to 4pm. For tickets, call 01792 365902 or register at list: * Acrivarn* Applied Principles* British Baker* British Sugar* California Raisins* Calypso Soft Drinks* CyBake* Coultons Bread* Dawn Foods* DCA Equipment* Golden Valley Packaging* J2 Retail Systems* Keychoc* Laxey Glen Flourmills* NAMB* Nestle Professional* Norbake* Pantheon Catering Equipment* Rank Hovis* Reiser UK* Reynards* Rich Products* Scomac Catering Equipment* Showmore Shopfitting* SKC Ltd* Stevens Group* Unitech Industries Ltd* Wirral Fospray* William Reed Business Media* Yorkshire Hemplast_img read more

Consumers have positive perceptions of malt

first_imgThe majority of consumers view malt as a healthy ingredient, which improves the flavour of food, according to new research commissioned by Muntons.The survey, carried out by Cognet Research, involved 100 face-to-face interviews with consumers*, of which nearly two thirds (64%) said they felt the addition of malt increased the nutritional value of food. Seventy-five per cent said they believed its addition made products “more tasty”. The findings also highlighted consumers’ feelings that products containing malt were not necessarily easy to come by, with 64% stating the inclusion of malt should be promoted more on packaging.“These survey findings are interesting, encouraging but not altogether surprising,” commented Andrew Fuller, product development technologist at malt manufacturer and supplier Muntons.“They demonstrate that consumers, in the main, have very positive perceptions of malt as an ingredient that enhances both the flavour and nutritional value of an array of foods.”* To qualify for interview, all respondents must have heard of malt.last_img read more

Orchard Valley reveals secrets

first_imgUK confections and decorations company Orchard Valley Foods has launched a new service called Secret Ingredients. Customers to its online site can choose from a range of confections, including: five-colour star mix or purple glimmer sugar, caramel cubes and silver balls.The new service is designed to suit businesses of all sizes, from bakers to cupcake makers, chocolatiers and tea and coffee shops. The ingredients are available in either 1.1-litre or 2.5-litre tubs, and are suitable for a range of products, such as cupcakes, cookies, whoopie pies, iced buns and doughnuts.”While we know that customers will be interested in the decorations themselves, and the fact that, at last, they can buy them in convenient sizes to suit their needs, we are also focused on delivering a really positive online shopping experience,” said Orchard Valley MD Mike Forrester.last_img read more

Apprentice star Helen Milligan in new role at Greggs

first_imgHelen Milligan has announced she will be the new head of retail for Greggs in the south east, after she was named runner-up in The Apprentice.Revealed on Twitter this morning (19 July), Milligan said despite having lots of job offers following the final of the show, on Sunday 17 July, she would be staying with Greggs, as “they are a wonderful company to work for”.Milligan, who is the executive assistant to Greggs’ chief executive Ken McMeikan, triumphed in all bar one of the tasks, but was pipped to the post by entrepreneur Tom Pellereau, after her business idea – a mass market concierge service – failed to excite Lord Sugar. She even threw Lord Sugar a curve-ball, in the final minutes, by reverting to her second choice business plan of a chain of bakery shops, but he could not be swayed.“Helen has done fantastically well and we are all very proud of her,” commented McMeikan. “To have made it to the final is a fantastic achievement.”In response to comments from Lord Sugar that her boss would be “a bit of a mug not to actually promote her or give her some bigger position now they’ve seen what she’s capable of doing” – during the live programme, You’re Hired, which followed the final episode – Greggs finance director Richard Hutton told British Baker yesterday that Milligan would be taking on a bigger role within the business.“She has a bright future ahead of her at Greggs. She’s certainly a real talent, and we’ll be putting that to good use,” he said.Milligan studied law at university, working part-time as a waitress and later managing a restaurant, before she landed the job at Greggs.In her audition video for The Apprentice, she said she doesn’t think there is anything she has set out to do that she hasn’t achieved. “I get everything I want. I like making businesses money,” she said, adding that she views her career as a 24/7 role, and her “life”, not just a job.Instead of winning a job with a six-figure salary at one of Lord Sugar’s businesses, as in previous year’s, this year the winner and their business idea will found the basis of a partnership with Lord Sugar, with an investment to the value of £250,000.>>Greggs Helen Milligan named Apprentice runner-uplast_img read more

Teen crashes car on U.S. 12 while trying to avoid bee sting

first_img WhatsApp IndianaLocalMichiganNews Twitter Pinterest (Photo supplied/Cass County Sheriff’s Office) A 17-year-old boy from Jones, Michigan, is recovering from injuries after crashing his car due to a bee.The collision happened Wednesday afternoon on U.S. 12 east of South River Road in Porter Township when Cass County Sheriff’s deputies say the teen lost control while trying to avoid being stung.His vehicle struck a tree, trapping him inside.The Cass County Sheriff’s Office released the following information about the crash:Sheriff Richard J. Behnke reports his office investigated a single vehicle crash on US 12, east of S. River Rd in Porter Twp., Cass County, Michigan.  This crash occurred on 06-03-2020 at approx. 1422 Hrs.Emergency personnel on arrival found a vehicle driven by the 17-year-old from Jones, MI having struck a tree on the south side of the road.  Rose indicated that he had lost control due to a bee trying to sting him.  Rose left the roadway and struck a tree.  Rose was extricated from the vehicle by rescue personnel and transported to Elkhart General Hospital for treatment.Deputies were assisted on scene by Porter Twp. Fire/Ambulance.Alcohol and drugs were not factors in the crash and a seat belt was used.Crash remains under investigation at this time. Google+ Pinterest Facebook Twitter Previous articleNew executive order extends Indiana public health emergency to July 4Next articleTwo people injured in overnight shooting on Bergan Street in South Bend Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. By Jon Zimney – June 3, 2020 0 749 Google+ Facebook WhatsApp Teen crashes car on U.S. 12 while trying to avoid bee stinglast_img read more