Higher fungi of Antarctica, the Subantarctic Zone and Falkland Islands

first_imgAn annotated list is provided of all the macromycetes (Ascomycotina and Basidiomycotina) recorded from the Antarctic region and neighbouring islands. Bryosphaeria megaspora Spooner, Didymella antarctica Spooner, Epibryon chorisodontiae Spooner, Gnomonia acaenae Spooner, Hymenoscyphus austrobryus Spooner, H. chloophilus Spooner, Lamprospora miniatopsis Spooner, Lanzia antarctica Spooner, L. caryopsicola Spooner, Leucoscypha sphaerospora Spooner, Schizothyrioma stilbocarpae Spooner, Simocybe antarctica Pegler and Wentiomyces inconspicuus Spooner are described as new. The new combinations Polycoccum rugulosarium (Lindsay) D. Hawksw. and Thyronectria hyperantarctica (D. Hawksw.) D. Hawksw. & Spooner are proposed.last_img

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