The EU has warned Airbnb that it must transparently show the total cost of the arrangement, including the cost of services and cleaning

first_imgThe virtual world is still not a fully explored territory. His homelessness opens up many possibilities and jobs, but they are also increasingly aligning with the laws of the real world. Thus, Airbnb, one of the most famous online travel services, has become the scene of several controversies this year.First of all, the public was shocked by the official announcement of the company when earlier this year it decided to share its business information with the Chinese government, of course about customers who rent accommodation in the most populous country in the world through the service. Also, it means that the data on guests will be shared with the Government by service providers, new and old, at the moment when they start accepting accommodation reservations, reports with the BBC.Airbnb at the time explained the whole situation as a necessity, that is, compliance with local laws and regulations is the way business works in China, if they want to be operational.But the problems with the Asian market do not stop there. In early June this year, the Japanese government decided that any accommodation provider who has not registered their business can do so only on June 15 and accordingly must cancel all reservations made before that date without a valid permit. This has led to a massive cancellation of bookings in Japan, thousands of them, in the otherwise most attractive destination of the Asia-Pacific region. “We know it’s irrelevant, and we’ve said little about it,” Airbnb said at the time, securing a $ 10 million fund to cover the additional costs of the changes.According to the latest news, The European Commission has warned Airbnb that their terms of use are not in line with European consumer protection laws. Namely, the Commission appealed that the company must transparently present the total costs of the intermediation arrangements, including the costs of services and cleaning. If this cannot be projected in advance, the Commission suggests, the service should at least warn users of possible additional costs that will be added to the price at a later date. According to the European leadership, users should have access to information on whether the accommodation is privately owned or the service is professional. These are just some of the examples where Airbnb’s business is not in line with the European legislative framework. The most controversial among them proved to be the practice by which this service violates the basic rights of consumers by the fact that the user of the service cannot sue the provider in case of any form of damage.“More and more users are renting accommodation online, and this has opened up a handful of new opportunities for the tourism sector. However, popularity must not be an excuse for violating European consumer protection frameworks. Consumers have a right to know what and how much they are expected to pay for, ”said Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumer Protection and Gender Equality.Airbnb said that they take this problem seriously and that they will do everything in their power to be as transparent to users and the community as possible. “Guests are instructed on all possible costs, including taxes and fees prior to their confirmation of booking the desired accommodation unit. In cooperation with the competent authorities, we will try to clarify this situation as soon as possible. “Despite all the above obstacles, Airbnb remains the world’s leading travel service and intermediary between passengers and renters. Also, the service functions as a social network for useful information. The estimated value of the company is $ 30 billion and it is listed as one of the most valuable companies in Silicon Valley. One of their global goals is to provide a billion guests a year in tourist destinations around the world by 2028 through their own service.PHOTO: Marketing Matterslast_img

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