This Cherry Blossom Cotton Candy Pizza Is Totally Bonkers

first_imgSpring is here again, and as we’ve said several times before, that means it’s cherry blossom viewing time in Japan. Cherry blossoms everywhere. Cherry blossom McFlurries, cherry blossom burgers, ice cream, you name it. There have been some decidedly crazy things in the past in Japan this year alone, and we’ve covered most of them. But now this one might take the cake: Cherry blossom cotton candy pizza.Yes, you read that right. Take a breath and read it again: Cherry blossom cotton candy pizza. Cotton candy is great, cherry blossoms are beautiful, and everyone loves pizza. That’s probably why Schmatz Beer Dining, a small chain of pubs in Tokyo, took those three things and combined them.The pubs already serve cotton candy pizza, and it’s pretty popular. It’s normally a thin crust, three-cheese pizza with honey ginger that you drizzle over the cotton candy. The cherry blossom version has bits of cherry blossom in the cotton candy as well as cherry blossom floating in the honey ginger sauce as well. It’s a lot to take in, and it’s literally a mess of candy floss on top of a cheese pizza. Yup.If you look at the picture, the logistics of eating said pizza doesn’t add up. Do you cut it and cut the cotton candy with each slice? Do you pull it off the top of the pizza and pile it on each slice? I’m just not sure how you go about it.The pizza is only available for a limited time. It made its debut on March 27, but it will only be available through April 2. You’ll want to high-tail it to the pub if you’re in the Tokyo area and try out this weird-looking (probably tasty) concoction. Or if you got the right recipe you could probably make your own. I wouldn’t try it, but hey. You could do it.last_img

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