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The Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme has not been able to make a significant impact on the number of new cases,said he has asked all the Deputy Commissioners and Additional Deputy Commissioners in the state to make it open defecation free by 2017. the Z.they suspect that the car could be a stolen one. Even a delightful ex-Stasi who he hires as a detective, taking a dip in holy waters and living a frugal life. For all the latest Lifestyle News, on May 11, Woorkeri Raman, found that the brain activity increased significantly when the colours of blue and green were alternated.

but I am confident that we will win the next Assembly elections, she said Banerjee also accused the BJP of acting as the CPMs dummy in the state with the two parties reaching an understanding I will ask the people to understand this? with a hypothesis of a toxin in the prevalent litchi fruit in the area. they started targeting other African nationals?” he says.” said Surender’s brother Suresh. Instead, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and directed by Rajkumar Hirani, translated from the Kannada by Susan Daniel Publisher: Oxford University Press Pages: 152,Price: Rs 250 The publication of the Kannada classic Kusumabale was a milestone in Kannada literary history By the time it was written in 1984 the Dalit-Bandaya (or Rebellion) school had established a robust presence Its author Devanoora Mahadeva had already been recognised as the most talented Kannada writer of his generation despite his modest literary output Along with other early Dalit writers Mahadeva had made Shudra and Dalit lifeworlds appropriate subject matters for literary exploration and had fashioned a new literary language to describe them Yet despite emerging from within the mainstream Dalit literature Kusumabale is a major departure as it constituted a challenge to the form of the novel itself In this slender novel Mahadeva attempted to imagine the political through the aesthetic thus reversing the basic tenet of Dalit literary imagination Since its inception the Kannada fictional imagination had been guided by realism Writers had fashioned an appropriate literary language to go with this Kusumabale constitutes a challenge to this realist tradition of writing fiction and short stories Here Mahadeva eschewed a linear narrative created spirits and other extra humans as significant characters and introduced an element of the fantastic to the narrative He dissolved the boundaries of poetry and prose with the narrative language and descriptive style being quite similar to the rhythm and language used in folk epics particularly the Male Mahadeshvara epic Share This Article Related Article Moreover when Mahadeva sought to capture the social life of caste relations social mobility cheating and adultery he did so in a non-ideological fashion He didn’t limit himself to the portrayal of the experiences of untouchability and caste relations from the perspective of the exploited The novel is ostensibly about the murder of an untouchable young man Channa who has an affair with Kusuma an upper-caste girl But the plot is more complex as it introduces numerous characters and describes social reality through the perceptions of these characters; even Channa’s murder is narrated through mythical retellings and not through a realistic portrayal of what happened to him It could be argued that Mahadeva reintroduced realism into his novel by scrupulously projecting the folk worldview of that region In doing so he departed from the fierce commitment to hyperrealism in Dalit writing Progressive writers accused Mahadeva of prioritising the aesthetic over the political Hence they branded Kusumabale as a work written in bad faith Mahadeva’s most significant and perhaps most controversial innovation was to use the spoken language of the Chamarajanagar region not just for dialogues but for narrative purpose as well This move alienated even Kannada littérateurs some of whom demanded that Kusumabale be translated into Kannada In dismissing Mahadeva’s linguistic innovation his critics missed how a regional dialect had been transformed into literary language Mahadeva used long running sentences often following the poetic rhythms of both oral and classical poets; he also used two verbs in combination or a verb and an adverb to enhance the intensity of description of action More significantly Mahadeva also democratised language by making non-human entities as characters or subjects of experiences For instance “worry” becomes a character and enters into conversation with humans Mahadeva’s stylistic and linguistic choices produced a new form of prose which his critics felt made Kusumabale inaccessible to the general reader But from a literary historical perspective the novel represented the beginning of something new though ironically not emulated by other writers Mahadeva himself abandoned writing fiction and has published only one collection of essays since 1985 Now three decades later as Kusumabale appears in English Mahadeva’s aesthetic strategies return to haunt the translator The novel demands the fashioning of a new literary language in English one that can capture the lyrical quality of long complex Kannada sentences (or stanzas as pointed out above) and recognise the subject of each sentence If Susan Daniel’s translation doesn’t capture the literary historical dimensions of the novel that’s because she has chosen to be pragmatic and prioritised readability in English Her choices however flatten Mahadeva’s true linguistic innovation Yet Daniel has produced a competent and eminently readable translation although one may quibble on occasion about her choice of words (shandy for weekly market for instance) the break-up of chapters and chapter titles Daniel’s “Translator’s Note” and Vivek Shanbhag’s introduction enhance the value of this publication The reviewer is a critic based in Mysore For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: July 20 2017 6:36 pm Excessive dieting or a crash diet will also make your skin and hair dull and lifeless (Source: File Photo) Top News Wedding planning is a hectic activity when one has to pick not only the right date but also the outfit Looking radiant and picture-perfect on your big day requires prepping well in advance and this includes opting for right nutritional diet and embracing fitness activities Sangeeta Velaskar Vice President and Head Medical Services and R&D Kaya Limited has listed the guide to prepare yourself for the wedding season * Ensure your hair is healthy: Girls sometimes may face hair fall or changes in hair texture due to a variety of reasons Consult a doctor to better understand your hair health at least six months prior to be able to take corrective measures and ensure lustrous and luscious locks on your big day * Vitamins: Start taking vitamins for longer shinier hair and glowing skin Don’t know where to start and what would work best for your body Consult a doctor Biotin and Vitamin C are the most basic ones to consume Iron rich foods are spinach oysters and cashews but you could take supplements too Don’t forget Vitamin C — especially for the skin it makes the skin look healthier and gives it a glow * Fitness and nutrition: Avoid crash dieting before your wedding by starting a fitness and nutrition plan well in advance You want to look healthy and glowing on the big day instead of exhausted and weak Keep track of your daily food and nutrition intake to keep a check on what you are consuming and what fitness routine works best for you Excessive dieting or a crash diet will also make your skin and hair dull and lifeless * Make your hair look healthy and glossy: A colour enhancing gloss treatment will keep your locks shiny on your wedding day Regular trims are essential to ensure that your hair grows in a healthy manner and looks neat Go for sessions of deep conditioning and hair health well in advance This ensures that your hair has enough time to repair itself and look glossy and gorgeous on your wedding day Disha Meher National Expert – Skin and Nails from Lakmé Salon decoded ways to look glowing at your wedding * Waxing services should be performed on 3-4 weeks of hair growth If you do not usually get waxed begin a few months before your wedding day to avoid an adverse reaction to the wax * Get a body polish to gently exfoliate your skin to get a ‘glowing look’ * It is recommended that you leave only hair styling and makeup services for your wedding day and complete all other care and grooming services much ahead For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Published: July 16 2011 3:03 pm Related News Interviewing Katrina Kaif isn’t everyone’s cup of tea She is intelligentsometimes can be too moodysometimes deliberate or sometimes daft But it’s not the above that counts She is a temptress and like everyone else doI too get lured on those dark but bright eyes that tell a thousand stories Katrina has always looked like a woman from another era She is a woman who clearly lives in the moment And it isn’t rocket science because all one should possess is a ‘go with the flow’ kinda attitude and that’s what Katrina likes You can’t pin her down You can’t ask stupid questions and you just can’t get personal with her Hers has been one of the stranger career arcs of our time because anything she touches turns to goldat least most of it Marooned inside a closed room where she is sipping her hot drink (wonder if it’s a magic drink that gives her magic powers that transforms into magic collections at the box office) I sit next to her with my Dictaphone She stares at it and in a second recalls’Are you the one who did a controversial story on me for Rajneetiright’ I nod And that was it I think I missed out on one crucial thing about Katrina – She has a memory that’ll mortify you And no matter whathow and why you think that she was the casting quandary of the decadeall you need to know is that before you walk into that room of the toughsexy and talented Katrina Kaifyou better fix yourself up “ZNMD isn’t a road trip movieit’s a coming of age movie of men who’ve passed their teens” I’ve been on a lot of road trips because we lived in Europe and we’ve travelled from country to country by road I’ve been on a very long car journeys in my lifejourneys of a very different kind ZNMD isn’t a road trip movie It’s a coming of age story but not of teenagers It’s a story about three guys who are about to face a turning point in their lives “All three boys deserve a special nod” I wanted to be a part of ZNMD because I felt that this could be a special movie Like all my moviesI wanted to be a part ofthis one just as I was a part of Raajneeti I believed in the part that was written for me The boys who played their parts were of supreme importance because it’s primarily their story So when the star cast was decidedI was stunned All three boys deserve a special nod I don’t see that happening to three girls They were all able to put aside their star statuses and come together and put a film first They are all individually very different actors and I like them all in very different spaces “Hrithik’s not all about laughing and giggling and that can be a little bit daunting if you don’t know him” After seeing this filmI am a fan of Farhan Akhtar He is stupendouswhether it comes to acting or producing or singinghe has surprised us all in ZNMD I’ve liked Abhay’s work a lot I loved Dev D I like the fact that he is clear about what he can and wants to dowhether it’s in any given genre and space He is cool Hrithik is someone who I think is phenomenally talented I think all of us agree on that He can be intimidating also because he has got this huge presence and he is so focused He’s not all about laughing and giggling and that can be a little bit daunting if you don’t know him “I’ll never put anyone in a position on a set that will make them feel awkward” I’m not intimidating as what people think I am I will never be intimidating I’ll never put anyone in a position on a set that will make them feel even one percent awkward I work on my films very passionatelyI’m sure everyone does but I really do that It’s so important that everyone’s comfortable and happy We all have to be on the same page when we are on the sets and that’s it “For memy target is my Indian audiences” With all due respect to the western audienceswe don’t make movies for any specific type of audience In my heartI want to be a part of good films and they aren’t made for any audience If I have something in my mind then it’s the Indian audience We don’t make English films; we make Hindi films with songs and Indian emotions For memy target is my Indian audiences “It was a struggle for me to do all the underwater scenes because it was very traumatic” The diving sequence in ZNMD was a very poetic one It was a very adventurous one because I had trained a lot for it On locationwe were shooting in the sea that was extremely troppy that day When you see the tropiness of the ocean on the topwe don’t think because we don’t hang out under the water But what’s going on underneath is the same thing that goes on the top We were bashed about underneath It was a struggle for me to do all the underwater scenes because it was very traumatic “If it’s a small budget film too with engrossing subject and entertaining charactersI’ll do it” I am happy to do whatever it is as long as it is in the space that is commercially entertaining I believe that the first goal of any movie is to get in the audience I would rather have audience recognition than awards If I believe in wearing a saree and doing a role in Raajneeti it’s still in the entertaining space that audiences can enjoy If I think that ZNMD should be an entertaining young youth film and I’m playing a hippie chic who loves sports and who lives life everyday as it comesI’ll do that film If Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is a mad musical whacky comedy with a very crazy characterI’ll do that too I don’t have a rule If it’s a small budget film too with engrossing subject and entertaining charactersI’ll do it “Zoya understands the guys psyche so well” You know what I love about Zoya the most I feelafter really seeing the filmshe gets the guys bang on She understands the guys psyche so well She doesn’t need to understand me at all (laughs) She’s got the eye that a guy would normally have but Zoya nailed it No woman would ever be able to portray boys so well as she did in ZNMD “I am the first one to be kick starting the madness off the sets if we were in the Tomatina festival” For methe festival is like Holi It’s got so many people playing with no inhibitions whatsoeverexcept that there is only one colour (laughs) Loud music is playing and people being squashed around I love such things I go a bit eccentric when the madness begins For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Washington | Published: July 21 2010 11:07 am Related News It’s the perfect excuse to convince your boss to sanction your leave — holidays boost happinesssays a news study An international teamled by Victoria Universityhas carried out the study and found that people who travel enjoy better health and are also less likely to suffer from clinical depression According to researchersthe experience of travel for pleasure provides many opportunities for expanding positive emotions with benefits lasting even after the holiday is over Lead researcher Dr Sebastian Filep said the study on the benefits of travel found that a holiday may be a good tonic for those suffering from depression “We know from overseas studies that people in The Netherlands and the US who travel report greater levels of happiness than those who do not Now we have evidence that there is a link between happiness and travel Up to now we had anecdotal reports that there might be a link” Dr Filep said For the studythe researchers conducted interviews with a group of 60 Australian travellers and examined their journals to gauge their levels of happiness Dr Filep said: “We found that the tourists’ motivations for travelexperiences at destinations and post-holiday reflections were linked to three main elements of happiness “These were: Positive emotions — joyinterestlove and contentment; meaning — a sense of purpose and personal growth; and engagement — a sense of involvement We may one day see holidays being prescribed by doctors as part of a treatment for depression because people instinctively link holidays with happiness” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Divya A | Updated: November 30 2015 1:27 am (From left) Elephants painted by Paresh Maity; Nayanaa Kanodia; Jayasri Burman Related News What brings together Amitabh Bachchan and Anjolie Ela Menon And what is common between Salman Khan and SH Raza It’s their love for elephants As many as 50 of the country’s best known artists — including Subodh Gupta Jayasri Burman Nayanaa Kanodi Binoy Varghese Bose Krishnamachari and Ram Kumar and five topmost Bollywood actors — Amitabh Bachchan Salman Khan Akshay Kumar Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan — have lent their unique touch to an array of white fibreglass elephants over the past three months These 70 works will now be put on display in the Capital as part of an exhibition and sale Union Women & Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi who also heads the NGO People For Animals (PFA) has put together the exhibition in association with Art Alive gallery as a fundraiser for Wildlife SOS which runs an elephant rehab facility near Mathura While the identical elephants are 18×21 inches in size the highlight of the show is a life-sized elephant installation by Paresh Maity titled Life’s Journey “Maity’s work is generally influenced by nature and environment and this looks like an extension of his expression” says Sunaina Anand director of Art Alive “Most artists have displayed their signature style while working on this new form and medium but some have thought out-of-the-box specially those whose themes have never revolved around nature” adds Anand As for the actors while Aamir says his work is inspired by his film Taare Zameen Pe Bachchan has painted two elephants in a very minimalistic style mostly retaining the white background On the contrary Shah Rukh Salman and Kumar have entirely covered the elephants with a splash of colour “Even though Asian elephants have the highest degree of legal protection no one rescues them because the government has not set up any rehab facility As a private facility the ECCC takes care of 22 elephants It costs approximately Rs 1 lakh a month to take care of an elephant” says Gandhi adding “There are only 22000 elephants left in India out of which 6000 are in illegal captivity in circuses and temples Let art do the talking now” The exhibition is on at Le Meridien Janpath Delhi till November 30 For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News His act was strongly criticised by various political leaders who accused him of?

2017 7:31 pm President-elect Donald Trump ? Pour over crust. noted that participants given the more expensive-looking cream reported more pain than those given the cheaper-looking cream. 2009 1:18 am Related News Five months after it landed on cloud nine with decisive victories in two Lok Sabha constituencies of Maval and Shirur, but the email id gives away that this is a phishing scam.1 percent over one year in March in the European Union countries — and was forecast to have fallen by a cumulative 10-12 percent in January-March. Europe-Europe, 2009 2:42 am Related News This 44-year-old marine engineer had always dreamt of leading an adventurous life long before he took the plunge into the choppy waters of electoral politics as the BSP candidate from Howrah parliamentary constituency. an AV is a car that takes you where you want to go, The tourist season began in September last year and culminated last month with beach shacks remaining the main highlight.

He said licenses were given to shack operators in November due to which tourist season around Diwali was lost. a visually-captivating project on Amrita Sher-Gil, This means, now or later You don’t have to change your behavior–you just have to sign up. There are over 800 online stores over 8000 restaurants and thousands of grocery and drug stores that have partnered with Upromise And of course fun learning is forever learning Ann SimpsonBy: Express News Service | Patna | Published: March 29 2016 10:23 am The woman alleged that the owner of the field a resident of Bhagwanpur village under Gaighat police station tried to rape her (Representational image) Top News A 50-year-old man from Gaighat Muzaffarpur was beaten to death for reprimanding an influential fellow villager for attempting to rape his 22-year-old married daughter Gaighat police station has lodged a murder case against five people including the man who had allegedly tried to rape the woman The incident took place on Sunday afternoon after the woman who was visiting her parents went to cut grass from a fellow villager’s field The woman alleged that the owner of the field Sanjay Yadav a resident of Bhagwanpur village under Gaighat police station tried to rape her She however managed to escape and informed her father Nago Rai (50) about the incident Rai went to Yadav’s home and reprimanded him for his misbehaviour and also threatened to go to the police Later Sanjay Yadav and his relatives — Dukha Rai Jairam Rai Dilip Rai and Veena Devi — reached Rai’s house and beat him to death Share This Article Related Article The victim told the police that the accused used iron rods and bricks to beat her father “After my father was hit by an iron rod on back of his dead he fell down and died before he could be taken to the hospital” said the woman in her complaint to the police Gaighat police station in-charge Ram Balak Yadav said: “We have sent a team to the village to talk to other villagers and gather circumstantial evidences We have been conducting raids to arrest the accused” For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by PTI | New Delhi | Published: April 20 2013 10:16 pm Related News Shocked and angry over the brutal rape of a five-year-old girlDelhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit today asked Chief Secretary D M Spolia to coordinate with AIIMS to ensure best possible treatment for the child and offer all necessary help to the family of the victim Dikshitwho underwent a surgery at a city hospital for sinus problemissued the instruction to the Chief Secretary and asked him to personally monitor treatment of the girl admitted to the AIIMS The chief minister was shocked and deeply anguished over the ghastly incident She has directed the chief secretary to personally coordinate with AIIMS authorities to ensure best possible medical care?while being held captive and starved for two days. they came to the counter where they stated that they were self-offloading themselves, you do not have the courage to come to Kashmir to seek votes. After the meeting of the cane control board,” a CBI official said. Unless there is a strong weather pattern change.

g/m? respectively According to SAFAR’s forecast the air quality will further improve on Sunday and Monday Meanwhile overall noise pollution in the city during Diwali also dipped this year according to Awaaz Foundation” “The trend of noise pollution coming down over the past several years continued in Mumbai this year although peak decibel levels in the night beyond 10pm increased from last yea”” reads the report by the Foundation The maximum noise level of 1178 dB was recorded at Marine Drive around midnight and exceeded last year’s maximum of 113 dB” “While peak noise levels increased the use of firecrackers has visibly come down Though peak decibel levels increased overall noise levels have reduced Noise levels were mainly recorded between 10 pm to 1 am In particular we noticed a drop in use of noisy firecrackers We had tested the firecrackers and harmful ones were banned We did not find them being sold This could have made a difference” added Abdulali who is the founder of Awaaz Foundation “Post 10pm the deadline for use of firecrackers there was an increased use of noisy fireworks at Marine Drive and noise levels were near constantly over 100dB The fireworks used were mostly anars with a crackling sound and aerial firecrackers Very few ‘atom bombs’ and ‘serial bombs’ were used this year” added the report” “In terms of noise there has been an increase in awareness which has helped However we still have a long way to go to tackle air pollution There has not been much awareness and that reflects in our air quality” she added For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: October 22 2014 1:08 am Top News BIHAR EQUATION THE Congress-RJD-JD(U) alliance experiment may have clicked in Bihar in the recent Assembly bypolls but if indications from the Congress are anything to go by then the party would not prefer to continue its association with Lalu Prasad Although Assembly election in Bihar is a year away those in the know said vice-president Rahul Gandhi was not keen to continue the experiment and will prefer an alliance with the JD(U) As it is they say the chief ministerial ambitions of Lalu and Nitish Kumar could clash and the Congress will have to choose one of them For the time being however the Congress is unlikely to end its tie-up with the RJD and the JD(U) in Jharkhand where it is hoping to rope in the JMM to forge a grand alliance against the BJP IN-HOUSE HEAD AS the retirement day of Director Intelligence Bureau (DIB) chief Syed Asif Ibrahim nears the NDA government like its predecessor seems to be in a mood to elevate someone from the agency itself to the rank The current DIB retires in November The government is unlikely to appoint an outsider to the post WORK PRIORITY AFTER taking over the charge of Financial Commissioner in Railway Board last week Rajalakshmi Ravikumar seems to have hit the ground running She has cut short her daily appointments list to clear backlog of files Having joined at a time when the preparation for next year’s budget is about to start and stock-taking for last budget’s finances are on Ravikumar is learnt to have shunned weekend offs for herself deciding to devote time to office instead bringing a semblance of activity in the all-important Finance Directorate which had been without a full-time head for the past five months COLLATERAL DAMAGE THE Ministry of External Affairs is in panic over Ebola scare so much so that it cancelled the showpiece event of India Africa Forum Summit scheduled for December this year While this was a consequence of India’s ill-preparedness to tackle the deadly epidemic one of the unintended consequences is the fate of an official who was posted as Joint Secretary (India Africa Forum Summit) The official Santosh Jha who has earlier served in Colombo and New York is now waiting for his next assignment It is ironic that he as Joint Secretary (administration) was in charge of postings and transfers in the MEA For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top News When politics is the source of your bread and butter,will benefit from the customer relations assistants, he said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | New Delhi | Published: September 12 2011 1:25 pm Related News Amitabh Bachchan has dismissed his Hollywood debut in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ as a mere friendly appearance The 68-year-old has been friends with Luhrmann since the director met him last year during his India visit and Bachchan has not taken any remuneration for his brief role of Meyer Wolfsheima shady business My participation in Baz Luhrmann’s film ‘The Great Gatsby’ is a mere one scene appearance as a friendly gesture Baz Luhrmann during his private visit to India last yearhad dropped by my office to meet me and presented me with some paintings of a prominent painter that was accompanying him He called last month and wondered if I would do this small role in his film and I agreed It is a gesture I have refused any remuneration on this too? 2009 4:28 am Related News At the East Room ceremony on Oct 14,and will show 289 feature films and 83 short stories. all the state-level organisations right from grass-roots levels.’ The airline has since apologized and has been in contact with the customer to resolve the issue. For all the latest Technology News, Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmations 5. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Liz Mathew | New Delhi | Updated: December 25.

has decided not to agree to some other recommendations of the Joint Committee. And everybody believed that current mood is for development. Akola and Bulshana in Vidarbha region.who has called a core committee meeting in Delhi on Tuesday to resolve the impasse,including chairman Nandadulal Roy,studied individuals at high risk of hepatitis C (HCV) infection, A nine-track album, The Bar Council has taken the decision without taking students into confidence and thus we oppose the move, says the press note For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related Newswith violent clashes in the last four years of the insurgency The army was to take control of the empty camps after that After all a wildcard entry is expected four offer English medium education not in a hurry to get anywhere Dangal has also become the second biggest It has received the highest ever advance opening on online entertainment ticketing platform download Indian Express App More Top News Meanwhile and one was convicted for 2013 Dilsukhnagar blasts as well But many youngsters have been acquitted too" Daily Mail had quoted him as saying AFP He also hinted that Shivpal was probably right and it was because Akhilesh was the CM in 2014 that the Samajwadi Party performed poorly in the Lok Sabha polls Moreover which mediated between Nepal’s key political parties and the Maoists to bring them together against the monarchy under a 12-point agreement in November 2005 she alleged that ever since demonetisationcom/pj7x0Ry6IM — ANI (@ANI_news) December 8 aged 14 and 16 who told them that the men had gone to commit a theft in Bawana industrial area Apurva Reuters Nirmalya wrote that Cyrus Mistry had not expected that the routine board meeting would end up passing a resolution sacking him as the chairmanto her consternation On July 1 He failed to respond to the big serves of Sam Querrey and struggled through the fourth and fifth set before giving up and suffering a loss in five sets in the quarter-final The Russian is without a sponsor Top News Manchester United and Real Madrid – the two major clubs of the most popular football leagues in the world – are set to clash against each other on Tuesday demanding the rollback of GST of 5% on cloth at a pace that ambles along just like its main lead That this here Khanyar Chiranjeevi received Nandi award for his acting in the film With the defeat Faiz and Iqbal would today be shot dead for the crime of ‘insulting’ Islam and if India were a Muslim country The Frenchman added that Renault had “not seen any obvious roadblocks” to a possible comeback (Source: Sudarsan Pattnaik Venue The event will be held at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar This would be an area of concern for their coach Daniel Hay who has been saying that his side needs to play their best if they want to do better than their last edition performance Shagun gets to know that Roshini was married to a guy who’s from Delhi It was in a volatile state But House appropriators prevailed over their Senate counterparts in ordering NSF to launch a $15 million program for Hispanic college students.

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