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Mondi expands Russian business

first_imgSouth African-based paper producer Mondi is expanding its international presence following its listing on the JSE at the beginning of the month, announcing a €525-million (about R5.1-billion) project to modernise and expand the pulp and paper mill in Syktyvkar, Russia.All main equipment contracts have been agreed and construction is to commence in April 2008, with completion scheduled by the end of 2010,” the company said in a statement issued last week. “The project will enhance Syktyvkar’s low cost position, with the additional volume of uncoated fine paper and containerboard being supplied to the high growth domestic Russian market.”Engineering News reported last month that the project involved the construction of new wood-handling facilities, a recovery boiler and turbine, a lime kiln and pulp dryer, as well as upgrades to two chemical pulp lines and improvements to machinery.Mondi chief executive David Hathorn told the publication that it should slash operating costs and improve efficiencies, while also slightly increasing production by 190 000 tonnes per year, 60 000 tonnes of which will be sold into the pulp market, which is being driven by Chinese demand.He added that the modernisation of the plant was probably only the start of the group’s activities in the territory, which is arguably the only major unexploited softwood resource left in the world.“In fact, forests cover more than 70% of the territory, while swamps cover about 15%, making forestry activity attractive but difficult, given swarming mosquitoes and mud in the warmer periods,” Engineering News says. “This means that felling is generally confined to the icy winter months.”The company was spun-off from former parent Anglo American plc in July this year, and has looked at expansion to secure its position as an independent integrated paper and packaging group.Its main interests are in emerging markets, such as South Africa and in various locations in Eastern Europe.According to Mondi, Mondi Business Paper Syktyvkar, with an annual capacity of 580 000 tonnes of paper per year, is one of the largest producers in the Russian pulp and paper industry. In addition, the Syktyvkar mill controls 11 logging companies in the Komi Republic that supply the mill with wood.Mondi Packaging Paper, which operates within the same complex, has an annual capacity of more than 200 000 tonnes of packaging paper, delivering around 60% of the total white top paper market in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.last_img read more

Get geared up for hunting season with a goose hunt

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Though the heat of summer may have yet to fully subside, the early fall hunting season is ushering in a new year afield for Ohio sportsmen and women. The season for small game, such as squirrel, and migratory birds, such as mourning dove, opened in early September, as does the open season for a larger-sized winged quarry, the Canada goose.The Canada goose is a common site for most Ohioans, distinguished by its black head, long black neck, white cheek patches, and its flock’s V-shaped flight migration pattern that foretells the seasonal weather changes of fall and winter. Outdoorsman Doug Moos, of the Hocking Hills region, said that although he prefers late season goose hunting, the early season is a good time to bag some resident honkers.“In the early season it’s hot and buggy. I’m not putting mosquito repellant on to hunt anything,” Moos said. “But if I hunt early goose season, I find where they chop their corn and hunt over those fields. Or, a guy can find some honey hole farm pond where the birds are roosting every day. This could be a good way for a guy to get started hunting geese.”Originally from Lorain County, Moos did some waterfowl hunting as a youngster living up on Lake Erie but gave that up for chasing whitetail in the hills of southern Ohio for a couple of decades before again taking up goose hunting.“I had an ACL surgery when I was forty and I couldn’t climb a tree stand to deer hunt. But I was going to be in the field one way or another so I got a dog and started field hunting for geese. I thought that it was going to be a quick fix, but now here I am 18 years later still doing it,” Moos said.Part of what attracts Moos to goose hunting is the camaraderie and shared experiences that he has with his fellow hunting partners and the reliable, faithful dog at his feet.“Unlike when deer hunting, you can sit and shoot the bull with a buddy and tell stories and cut up, and then settle in when the geese start showing up,” Moos said. “I use Labrador Retrievers. They are good citizens and good family members and when hunting, they give you someone to talk to when you go by yourself. They’re always happy to go and they’re always on time.”Moos strictly hunts open fields of corn and bean stubble that lay between the big reservoirs and gravel pits that dot the landscape around his home in the Hocking Hills. When the birds come off of the water to feed, they come to these fields where Moos is waiting to ambush them. His goose spots are conveniently located and Moos likes to go out for geese in the late season in the nastiest of weather.“I go when it’s the foulest weather. The hunting is best when it’s usually a Level 1 or Level 2 snow emergency and no one’s out. I can load up my Polaris, drive down the road, hunt for a couple of hours, kill some geese, and be home for lunch,” Moos said. “When it freezes too hard to trap beavers, I will also goose hunt, because I know that when the reservoirs and ponds freeze and lock up, the geese are coming to the fields and are hungry. When the snow is on, they’re looking for food and will sometimes fly out two times a day to feed.”For a set-up, Moos puts out approximately 100 decoys. He arranges them in a “U” or “J” shape, creating a pocket for geese to fly into from downwind. Geese come in upwind but circle around to land into the wind and he anticipates the direction that geese will be approaching and landing when placing decoys. He puts his blind at the middle of the “J” or the “U” and sits right in the middle of the decoys.“Using different sizes of decoys has really made a big difference for me,” Moos said, “I use different types of decoys for variety and size — it makes sense. When you see a flock of birds in a field, they are all different sizes and are standing in different ways. So, when I set up my decoys, I put them in different positions, have them facing in different directions, and use a variety of decoys. This imitates a real flock. I really like silhouette decoys and I will pitch them in different ways in the field. I also use full body dekes and what I call ‘Giants,’ which are 42-inch Super Magnum goose decoys. I do some flagging, but not too much — just enough to catch the geese’s attention. If they’re coming, they’re coming. And I use a couple of calls sometimes to bring them in, but again, I don’t overdo it.”Moos says that hunters should shoot at the birds at about 20 to 30 yards when they are landing, gliding in with open wings. This presents the biggest target, as opposed to when they have their wings pulled in.“If there are 30 to 40 geese coming in and they are committed, never shoot the first goose that comes in; let the first one land in the pocket,” he said. “If you shoot the first one at 20 yards, the ones behind it are going to flare out and you’ve blown your cover.”Some centuries-old goose hunting advice is offered by the famous ornithologist and avid bird hunter, John James Audubon, who suggested to his readership that “if a sportsman is expert and manages to shoot the old birds first, he is pretty sure to capture the less wily young ones afterwards, as they will be very apt to return to the same feeding places to which their parents had led them at their first arrival.”Like so many animals frequently encountered by humans in domesticated settings, when hunted in their natural environments, geese can prove surprisingly elusive and perceptive. A hunt for these birds shows them to be far more than a lawn-befouling and parking lot-congesting suburban nuisance that they have earned a reputation for being. As Erwin A. Bauer says in The Duck Hunter’s Bible, “the wariness and intelligence of Canadian honkers is as well-known as their characteristic honking cry.”There is an initial investment needed for a huntsman interested in pursuing this sport, but the rewards of a crisp autumn or winter morning afield and some wild meat in the freezer may well be worth it.“A $250 layout blind and three dozen decoys could get a guy started,” Moos said. “I like to use a big gun — a long barreled semi-automatic 12-gauge that can shoot a 3.5 inch shell. While not necessary, having a retrieving dog is nice. Dogs have saved me a lot of clean-up shots. If a bird goes down but isn’t dead, I can send the dog out. This is a lot safer, never tears up the meat, and I never have to shoot anything off of the ground.”For 2016, Ohio’s statewide early Canada goose season is from September 3 through 11, with a daily limit of five geese. Later seasons open and close in North and South Zones at different dates that can be found on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website at Hunters will need a valid Ohio hunting license with HIP Certification, an Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp, and a Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp (aka “Duck Stamp”), which Doug Moos points out can be used for free admission to any national park in our country.last_img read more

Tiny Houses to the Rescue

first_imgA New Jersey state senator has proposed a $5 million “Tiny Home Pilot Program” to create clusters of houses, each no larger than 300 square feet, to provide more housing for the state’s poor.The website reported the proposal from Senator Raymond Lesniak, a Union Democrat, would fund the program for three years.The average new house in the U.S. is almost 10 times that size, but Lesniak thinks tiny houses hold promise. “They’re comfortable accommodations, and really provide housing opportunities for lower income families that cost less money than the rents that they’re paying now, and also may be able to take some people off the streets,” he told the website.The proposed pilot program would be managed by the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, which would choose towns in three regions of New Jersey. Towns that participated in the program would get extra credits toward their affordable housing obligations, said. Little houses get more attentionCompanies like Tumbleweed Tiny House and the website Small House Society have focused more attention on these miniature dwellings, but their owners can’t always get building permits for them.Kent Pipes, the president of a non-profit affordable housing development company, for example, told that he has been hoping to build housing with shipping containers ranging in size from 160 to 320 square feet, but has been unable to find a town that would grant a permit because they’re too small. Lesniak’s bill might help solve that problem in New Jersey.The idea of using very small houses to help the homeless has been tried elsewhere.A project for homeless people called Quixote Village in Olympia, Washington, includes 30 houses of 144 square feet each. The cottages have only a sitting/sleeping area, a bathroom and a closet. A laundry, showers and kitchen space are provided in a shared community building.Permit fees, road improvements and site development helped push the cost of that project over $3 million, and the project’s price tag was criticized by a number of GBA readers when the news story was published.last_img read more

After Manipur, trouble brewing in two Assam universities

first_imgStudents of the Bodoland University in western Assam’s Kokrajhar district have been on strike since September 20 demanding the ouster of Vice-Chancellor Hemanta K. Baruah and filling up of vacant posts in teaching and non-teaching departments.In eastern Assam’s Dibrugarh University, four teachers have submitted their resignation to protest a notification related to an academic reorganisation committee by V-C Ranjit Tamuli without the consent of the deans.While the Dibrugarh University issue is expected to be settled soon after the V-C declined to accept the resignation, the Bodoland University impasse is far from over.Swgwmsar Basumatary, president of the Bodoland Students’ Union, said the strike would continue until Governor Jagdish Mukhi – also Chancellor of the university – and Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal intervene.“In five years, the present V-C has done nothing for the university. We want him replaced by someone who cares about the students and ensures a good academic atmosphere,” Mr. Basumatary said.On Tuesday, Kokrajhar Deputy Commissioner Niranjan Baruah and Superintendent of Police Rajen Singh visited the university to meet the agitating students. “We told them to lift the agitation as members of a high-level committee would visit the university from September 28-30,” said Mr. Singh.The Bodoland University Teachers’ Association too has appealed to the State government and the Governor to help find solution in the greater interest of the students and the institution in general.V-C’s pleaThe Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the Manipur High Court to take up a petition filed by suspended V-C Adya Prasad Pandey after hearing a special leave petition filed by him on September 10.In his petition to the High Court on September 4, Mr. Pandey had challenged the memorandum of agreement signed among the university organisations, the Manipur government and the Centre on August 16. He said that the agreement could not be accepted because it was signed under pressure from the “university community”.The Manipur University Students’ Union, meanwhile, termed as “false and fabricated” Pro Vice-Chancellor K. Yugindro’s FIR accusing some students and teachers of having tried to kill him. The police had picked up 89 students and six teachers after midnight on September 20 based on the FIR.Six teachers and nine students named by Mr. Yugindro were given judicial and police custody.“He was neither kidnapped nor manhandled, and no one harassed him,” a student said.Mr. Yugindro was appointed by Mr. Pandey after he was told to go on leave following agitation against him.last_img read more

New Organization Leader Sets Out to Change Mindsets of

Tyrone Lockhart, who played for Georgetown in the 1980s, is CEO of the Advocates for Athletic Equity.In a matter of months, Black college basketball coaches went from not having an organization to support their cause and chime the bell for a change in hiring practices to two bodies that will take different paths to achieve the same mission.The National Association for Coaching Equity and Development was formed to address the lack of African-American coaches in Division I college basketball. It has 40 coaches on board, including Tubby Smith, John Thompson III, Shaka Smart, Paul Hewitt and others.In Indianapolis, in the NCAA headquarters building, is the Advocates for Athletic Equity, an organization headed by former Georgetown player Tyrone Lockhart. Its mission is to increase the dismal number of minority coaches, focusing on all ethnic groups.Both organizations say they are picking up where the now-defunct Black Coaches Association left off. Once a force in fighting causes for African-Americans in the profession, the BCA faded with a lack of funding and, not coincidentally, so did the number of Black coaches.Blacks now make up less than 17 percent of head coaches in college basketball’s 330 or so Division I teams while African-American players represent 60 percent of the athletes. It’s the lowest percentage in 20 years.Smith and others see their organization as totally independent and seemed to indirectly convey that the Advocates for Athletic Equity, because it is housed in the NCAA offices in Indianapolis and has received some start-up money from the governing body, will be less aggressive or compromised in its efforts.Lockhart, in an exclusive interview with Atlanta Blackstar, refuted that notion while outlining his and the organization’s plans for change.ABS: How do you look at the National Association for Coaching Equity and its mission?Lockhart: The two organizations have talked. We’re supportive of each other. They may have to do things a little more drastic, whether that’s lawsuits, whether that’s protests … We understand that. We’re supportive. We both have the mission of increasing the number of (Black) head coaches. Tactics and strategy achieving those goals may be a little different. Hopefully, we will be able to partner on one of the key elements that we both agree on, which is professional development. … It’s like the Civil Rights movement in that the NAACP and the Urban League were separate entities working for the same cause.ABS: How will you go about business with the Advocates for Athletic Equity?Lockhart: Because BCA was dormant for a while, we’re housed at NCAA. Housed there, but separate computer system, separate phone lines. The NCAA believes that this organization is extremely important to be successful with what’s going on in college athletics right now. They are, in fact, providing some seed money in order to revive it and make some progress. But I report directly to the (AAE’s) board. Yes, there will be some things that we decide that will be opposed to what the NCAA stands for or believes in. But we will decide as an organization what will be effective for our mission (not the NCAA).ABS: How alarming is the 17 percent Black coaches in the NCAA to you and the organization?Lockhart: The numbers are low, and we know that they are low. My job to work with the membership and strategize on how to attack that. Our No. 1 priority is to promote our coaches for positions of leadership. The one thing, too, with the organization is that we’re focusing on coaches and coaches only. In the past, Floyd Keith had done an excellent job at bringing the organization to prominence and having some growth. But I think the organization took on too many things: athletic administrators, etc. My marching orders are to focus in on coaches and coaches only: African-American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian and so forth. That’s our charge.ABS: Does a variation of the NFL’s Rooney Rule, which requires Black candidates get an interview before any teams hire, have a place in your approach to change in the NCAA?Lockhart: We would favor any role or program that favors ethic minority coaches. The NCAA does not do the hiring; it’s the member institutes and the conferences. So, in working with our coaches, we have to ask: Do we partner with the NCAA or do we go directly to the conferences or the member institutions? We need to make sure we’re targeting the right group to make the most impact.ABS: How do you tackle athletic directors, 80 percent whom are white who over the years hired people who look like them, who they know or are comfortable with?Lockhart: The part in your piece about colleges hiring search firms and “Good ‘Ole Boy Network” is true, and one of the things we have to do is infiltrate that and establish networking opportunities, social interactions where we can get our top coaches a part of this deal and be able to highlight our coaches and the good things that they have been doing. For years, part of (athletic directors’) stories has been, “Well, we don’t know these coaches. We don’t know where they are. They’re kinda hiding out.” But we want to establish relationships and events where our coaches are featured and highlighted and can change mindsets … show they can handle crises, etc. There is no doubt that Black coaches are talented and can coach. No doubt. We have to show … they can handle the off-the-court stuff so a president or A.D. can be comfortable with those leaders on the court and off the court in the community. We have a great opportunity. We know the task is uphill. But we’re taking it on. read more

McCain Pleads Case for Raising Defense Spending

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR The combination of stringent spending caps and growing worldwide challenges “have left each of our military services underfunded, undersized, and unready to meet current and future threats,” Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) stated in a “dear colleague” letter intended to build support this week for action to lift the statutory cap on defense spending.McCain sent the letter on Friday, one day after he telling a Brookings Institution audience he plans to offer an amendment on the Senate floor to the fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill to raise the spending cap by at least $17 billion.McCain’s plan for increasing Pentagon funding to restore shortfalls in readiness and capability contrasts with the approach House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) adopted in crafting his chamber’s version of the annual defense policy bill. The House measure calls for allocating $18 billion from the uncapped overseas contingency operations account (OCO) to base budget items not requested by the administration.If McCain’s amendment passes and is incorporated into the final version of the authorization bill, it would upend the two-year bipartisan budget agreement reached last year to lift the caps on both defense and non-defense spending.His letter details shortfalls each of the services is experiencing at the same time threats across the globe — including aggressive behavior by Russia and China, the emergence of the Islamic State and an escalation in cyberattacks on the United States — are breaking out.“These and other growing demands on our force have occurred with no commensurate increase in resources, so our military is being forced to raid funds that it needs now to restore readiness, maintain equipment and modernize its equipment,” McCain states.His letter lists a series of budget-driven cuts that would go ahead in the absence of additional funds for the Pentagon:downsizing the Navy, with no plan to reach a fleet of at least 323 ships;retiring the Navy’s 10th air wing;cancelling over 50 military construction projects; andunderfunding facilities sustainment, restoration and modernization, with the current budget funding only 74 percent of such requirements.Failure to raise the defense cap also would prevent the Senate from providing resources to rebuild the military’s readiness levels, freeze the drawdown of the Army and reverse the drawdown of the Marine Corps.“When the Senate takes up the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, I am committed to seeking solutions to give our service members the resources, training, and the equipment they need and deserve,” McCain said.last_img read more

Google Duplex is less creepy assistant and more autofill on steroids

first_img 0 Jul 10 • How to get Android 10 right now Post a comment See All Now playing: Watch this: Mobile Google Alphabet Inc. reading • Google Duplex is less creepy assistant and more autofill on steroids Tags Aug 12 • Google will ask you to migrate your Nest account soon: Here’s what you need to know 3:03center_img Jul 24 • Nest Hub Max: Google’s 10-inch Assistant smart display costs $230, debuts Sept. 9 Google Duplex expands beyond phone calls and can book… Share your voice Google Duplex’s new update is like autofill on steroids. James Martin/CNET Last year, Google stoked intense controversy when it announced Duplex, a technology that uses eerily human-sounding artificial intelligence software to book restaurant reservations and hair appointments. Immediately, the project spurred a debate over ethics in artificial intelligence and generated fear over a robot’s ability to deceive people.Now Google is unveiling its follow up — and it’s a lot less disturbing. At the company’s I/O developer conference on Tuesday, the search giant announced an update to Duplex called “Duplex on the Web” that’ll allow it to make more types of bookings. Now it will also be able to handle car rentals and movie tickets. Aug 26 • Android Q has a name: Android 10. Here’s how you’ll use it But this one doesn’t involve speech-mimicking robots that spark debate over AI ethics. It’s basically like autofill on steroids. It automates the process of filling out forms you’d find on the mobile web.Here’s how it works: You’d say something like, “Hey Google, get me a rental car from National for my next trip.” The Assistant then pulls up National’s website on your phone and starts filling out the fields in real time.Throughout the process you see a progress bar, like you’d see if you were downloading a file. Whenever the system needs more information, like a price or seat selection, the process pauses and prompts you to make a selection. When it’s done, you tap to confirm the booking or payment. The system fills out the form by using data culled from your calendar, Gmail inbox and Chrome autofill (like your credit card information and login info). The update will launch later this year on Android phones.The new Duplex announcement is much tamer than last year’s debut, which freaked out audiences from the very moment Google CEO Sundar Pichai presented the demo. The artificial intelligence software is patterned after human speech, using verbal tics like “uh” and “um.” It speaks with the cadence of a real person, pausing before responding and elongating certain words as though it’s buying time to think.The tech brought to life a vision of what a voice assistant could sound like in the future: Natural and lifelike, instead of the semirobitic, disembodied voice you hear coming from a Google Home or Amazon Echo today.The demo immediately raised flags for AI experts, industry watchers and consumers, who worried about the ethics of creating robots that could fool people into thinking they were talking to other humans. Google later said it would build in disclosures so people would know they were talking to automated software. Now the feature is available on both Android phones and iPhones, in 43 states. Still, the visceral backlash was a key moment for Google, Scott Huffman, head of engineering for the Google Assistant, told me earlier this year. “The strength of the reaction surprised me,” he said. “It made it clear to us how important those societal questions are going forward.”The new update also redefines how Google is thinking of Duplex. It’s not just the name of the search giant’s human-sounding AI. It’s more of a class of software that helps with performing tasks, and for now that’s booking — whether it’s over the phone, on the web or somewhere else in the future. “The way we think about Duplex, in broad strokes, it’s a model of technology that allows us to automate tasks,” Manuel Bronstein, vice president of product for the Assistant, said in an interview last week. “It just happens to be that the first task that we showed to automate was making a phone call to a restaurant.”Originally published at 10:25 a.m. PT.  Google I/O 2019 • Google I/O 2019last_img read more

Fortnite season 10 Turbo Building changes and It Chapter 2 crossover leak

first_imgFortnite season 10 is already full of surprises.  Epic Games Fortnite season 10, aka season X, is live. The new season doesn’t yet have any of the sweeping changes found in previous seasons, but it looks as though the island will be in a state of flux until the start of season 11, which could be sometime in October. What’s new?Epic made a short post Tuesday regarding changes to Turbo Building. The developer says some players with low pings had a slight advantage with building, so they added a slight delay of 0.15 seconds, up from the original 0.05 seconds, to even things out. Added last year to Fortnite, Turbo Building allowed players to hold down the respective build button to create a structure in whichever direction they were pointing rather than having to press a button each time. It’s an important part of advanced strategies so many players immediately complained about the changes, including pro gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who says they “nerf building.” Tags The Fiends are only found in Retail Row and can drop loot when destroyed. Players entering the area will receive full shields but will have to be aware of the Fiends as well as of other players. Also included in the v10.10 update is a change to the Brute, the new mech added in season 10 that many players take umbrage at. As previously stated by Epic, the robot will have a targeting laser added to help other players recognize when they’re in danger. There were also several changes of when and how often the Brute spawns. The mechs will spawn more often earlier in the match and as the storm circle closes in, the chances for a Brute to appear will decrease. Epic added a new throwable called the Junk Rift in the Aug. 20 v10.10 content update. The trailer for the item depicts it as a new tool to take down a Brute.  A few hours late, but the Rift Beacon in Mega Mall has now been activated!— s1l0x (@s1l0x) August 11, 2019 Nobody:Not a single person:Like literally nobody ever:Not even the aliens in Area 51:Fortnite: Lets nerf 90s— Ninja (@Ninja) August 27, 2019 3 Update v10.10 made another big change to the island as Mega Mall is gone and Retail Row is back, but with a twist. The new patch went live on Aug. 14 with the older location coming back, and inside the dome surrounding the spots are zombie-like creatures called Fiends.  Comments FIRST, PENNYWISE SOUND FILES NOW A FILE CALLED CREEPY BALLOON!!?? IT’S 100% a CROSSOVER!!— HYPEX – Fortnite Leaks & News (@HYPEX) August 27, 2019 A Rift Beacon appears in Dusty Depot, but it’s the one in Mega Mall that became active on Monday, Aug. 12. This means the spot may get thrown into a time warp with the next update.  Retail Row has returned but there are some unexpected guests returning with it.Grab your squad and take on the fiends now!— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 14, 2019 On Aug. 5, players saw something in the Neo Tilted area. A Rift Beacon was activated, creating a rift above the location.  In Tilted Town, there are a select amount of weapons unvaulted by Epic that fit with the Old West setting. The weapons are the Double Barrel Shotgun, Six Shooter, Hunting Rifle and Infantry Rifle.Epic also released a new weapon in the same update. The Automated Sniper Rifle lets players shoot four rounds per second and bullets travel faster than other rifles. fortnite automated sniper rifleThe new Automated Sniper Rifle. Epic Games Fortnite players saw on Aug. 9 that a new Rift Beacon is being built in Dusty Depot. This means the location that just returned at the start of season 10 may change in the coming days just like Tilted Town.  Now playing: Watch this: Aug. 6 marked the first big change to the island since the beginning of Fortnite season 10. Neo Tilted went back in time and is now called Tilted Town. The area has an Old West motif and its own special rules: “no buildin’, no breakin.'” The Rift Beacon at Neo Tilted is now opening a rift #Fortnite— Fortnite News | (@LootLakeBR) August 5, 2019 Gaming First discovered by data miners at the start of the season, Tilted Town is its own unique space on the island. Players who run into the dome surrounding the location will have their attire changed to something out of Red Dead Redemption, and they are unable to build any structures or harvest any materials. Or can they?One Twitter user found a way to enter Tilted Town with the ability to build. He does so by creating a platform right above the outskirts of the town. Once there, he edits a platform he’s standing on that lets him drop in without changing his attire and still have access to building structures.  56 Photos Share your voicecenter_img The Junk Rift creates a rift above where it makes contact, and several objects will fall to the ground. That junk does big damage to anything directly under it and also deals splash damage to other players nearby. Tuesday’s update also saw another change to the map, as the Rec Center located to the west of Neo Tilted is no more. A rift beacon explosion destroyed the area instead of transforming it like Tilted Town and Retail Row. Left behind are a few chests and some Glitched Consumables. These are items used to gain health, shields or another ability such as the Hop Rocks from season 5 that made players jump higher once consumed. Glitched consumablesA circle of glitched consumables found in the Rec Center rubble.  Epic Games The consumables will randomly switch between apples, coconuts, mushrooms, peppers and the previously mentioned Hop Rocks. Shadow Stones were initially among the items available, but Epic tweeted Tuesday that they were removed because of an undisclosed issue. The latest update for Fortnite is all about a new crossover. This time it’s with the upcoming Borderlands 3 video game. The crossover will give players a taste of the Borderlands series by bringing Pandora to Paradise Palms. He is somewhere on the island….— FortTory – Fortnite Leaks & News (@FortTory) August 1, 2019 6:20 Neo Tilted will slowly change to a Wild West kinda look!— FortTory – Fortnite Leaks & News (@FortTory) August 1, 2019 This is how Tilted Town will look like.remember! This is without the new buildings, im currently trying to leak them ingame!— FortTory – Fortnite Leaks & News (@FortTory) August 2, 2019 The Rift Beacon Is Being Built At Dusty Depot!#Fortnite📷: @Guille_GAG— Fortnite Leaks And Info (@FNLeaksAndInfo) August 9, 2019 The Fortnite map for season 10 didn’t change, which is unusual for the start of a new season. In the v10.0 patch notes, Epic said Rift Zones will make locations from the past reappear. One data miner found assets in the update that show Neo Tilted may change to an Old West theme called Tilted Town.  How to build inside new tilted— Javas (@JavasFN) August 6, 2019 Nothing has happened yet, but rifts could be part of the season 10 storyline. Data miners already discovered a new version of Neo Tilted called Tilted Town, which could change due to the rift.  Players can now visit the Pandora Rift Zone to see the new Borderlands theme. While in the zone, shields will regenerate automatically if a player doesn’t take any damage for a certain amount of time. There’s also a Psycho skin and Claptrap back bling available for purchase. Epic also added Welcome to Pandora challenges that will reward players with Borderlands-themed content. The Borderlands 3 crossover event lasts until Sept. 10, which is just a few days before the game’s release on Sept. 13. The v10.20 update, out on Aug. 27, also includes a new throwable, the Shield Bubble. Throwing one will create a large bubble that blocks projectiles and explosives for 30 seconds. Players can run through it and destroy the bubble’s emitter causing it to deactivate. Fortnite Shield BubbleProtect yourself and others with the Shield Bubble. Epic Games Fortnite is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and Android and iOS devices. The gaming experience isn’t complete without a good chair Originally published on July 28.This story has been updated regularly throughout season 10 to add the latest weapons, Easter eggs and events. Following the backlash, Epic reverted the Turbo Building changes, according to a blog post on Wednesday. The delay was removed, but as mentioned in the original post, there will be a 0.15 seconds time whenever a structure is destroyed before another can be rebuilt. Also on Tuesday, a Fortnite data miner discovered a possible upcoming crossover with the film It: Chapter 2. In the last update, there were assets related to the movie like a ballon called simply “Creepy Balloon” and an audio file that could be from Pennywise.  As teased by Epic during the Fortnite World Cup, Dusty Depot is now back on the island. There was also one addition to the map, although it’s above the island and not on it. The meteor from the season 3-ending event that destroyed Dusty Depot is in stasis above the impact point. fortnite season 10 mapThe map for Fortnite season 10. Epic Games Players can actually enter the meteor to find items and the capsule that contained the Visitor who was responsible for the rocket launch event in season 4 that began this whole time crisis.  How Fortnite, AR and YouTube influence toys The film is set for release on Sept. 6, which means this event could happen with the next update on Sept. 3. Epic might also launch the date of release like it did with the Stranger Things crossover. Season 10 rundownThe biggest change in Fortnite season 10 is a two-player mech called the Brute. The robot acts as a vehicle, with one player controlling its movement while the other can use its weapons, which include a shotgun and a missile launcher. Players can also use the mech’s Overshield ability, which will consume 200 materials of any type. Fortnite players took to the game’s subreddit to complain that the new mech is overpowered. Several threads included memes of how ridiculously powerful the Brute is. One thread has a fake tweet from Epic saying it’ll make changes to the mech to make it more balanced. One user posted a video of himself winning a match with the Brute, saying he didn’t deserve the Victory Royale. Even Fortnite World Cup champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf had trouble with the mech. After numerous complaints from players, Epic nerfed the Brute on Aug. 22. Now the mech will fire fewer rockets, move slower and there’s a chance that a Brute won’t spawn at all during a match.— FortTory – Fortnite Leaks & News (@FortTory) August 5, 2019 Fortnite Nintendolast_img read more