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The Cardinals were thin at running back Sunday aga

first_imgThe Cardinals were thin at running back Sunday against the Seahawks. LaRod Stephens-Howling was out for a second straight week because of a hand injury, while the Cardinals were also without the services of starter Beanie Wells, who was pulled before the game thanks to hamstring tightness. This obviously hurt the Cardinals since the two remaining running backs were Chester Taylor and Alfonso Smith. Taylor had been with the team for less than a month and Smith was seeing his first extended action in a regular season game. The tandem rushed for 74 yards and no touchdowns and Smith also had three separate chances to convert on third and one, failing each time. So the return of Wells and Stephens-Howling will be a welcome sight, one head coach Ken Whisenhunt believes the team will see this Sunday against the Giants. “As far as Beanie and LaRod I think we have a chance of getting both of those guys back for the game this week,” Whisenhunt said. “We’ll see how that progresses in practice this week.” Smith was the better of the two running backs, rushing for 54 of the team’s 74 yards. That total impressed the head coach. “When you’re missing a number of guys the next guys have to step up,” Whisenhunt said. “I thought Alfonso ran hard [Sunday], that was his first real action in an NFL game and I think if he has to do that again he’ll be even better.” While Whisenhunt was pleased, Smith had different thoughts about his performance. “I’m going to grade it as an F,” Smith said about his play. “I didn’t do enough to help the team win so I’m going to be my worst critic and say I need to do better.” Top Stories Comments   Share   Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away Even though Smith wasn’t happy with his performance, playing in the game gave him more confidence in his abilities. “I feel that throughout the game that my confidence picked up,” Smith said. “Now I know that I can go in there and do what they ask of me and I’m pretty confident in the plays, play calls and in my abilities.” D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocationlast_img read more

Joe Biden is the ultimate centrist Democrat Is that a liability or

first_img Joe Biden’s chance was in 2016 and he was the only one who could have beaten Trump. In 2016 a) He was the incumbent VP with a strong economy. b) A more moderate middle of the road person with whom lot of independents could identify. c) Less baggage than Clinton even though he could not have raised as much money. In 2020a) Much older to run for the first term b) Family dirty secrets will be out in the open. Son was dying of cancer and his wife was getting boinked by his brother. The mourning period decency limit is over. c) Son’s dirty dealings with Ukraine will be broadcast. Again mourning period limit is over. d) Trump would be claiming credit for the strong economy unlike in 2016. e) The allegations against him of inappropriate touching. I personally don’t think there was anything sexual in nature or creepy, there are people who just don’t like to be touched. Joe and his wife Jill are from that hippy era of people giving big hugs. If he was a Republican he might have gotten away. However, the Democrats have made false accusations of sexual harassment and assault an industry i.e. Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh. So it would be hard for them to walk back. More than the Republicans it is other Democrats who will be exploiting this. Facebook 1 Geoffrey Kabaservice His candidacy could exacerbate the rift between the Democrats’ moderate and progressive factions, potentially splitting the party | Pick Report Share on Facebook Report Facebook Report KedarB | Pick Share on Twitter Ohffsake Share on Facebook Share on Twitter | Pick EGriff Twitter Pinterest Don’t underestimate just how much Hillary Clinton was despised by large sections of the electorate – including registered Democrats. Whilst Biden will be tarnished by his association with the Obama period, where life got harder for those the Dems were trying to help (arguably not his fault, but when does that ever matter), he doesn’t have the same doubts about his character. 6 7 25 Apr 2019 20:51 Twitter If Trump loses, we know what to expect: anger, fear and disruption The U.S. doesn’t need more of the same from another Clinton. The Democrats need a candidate who is genuinely radical. It’s like the new Change Party here, tried and failed politics. It will be as hard to change the Democratic establishment as it is for Corbyn to change the Labour establishment over here. The Media and Press are already calling progressive candidates communists and Trotskyists as they do with Corbyn here. However things will have to change both here and in the U.S. if both Parties are to win back their traditional support and effect real change in a stagnant political Parliament. voters want new not old, that was Hillary’s problem Reply unthreaded 25 Apr 2019 20:53 6 7 For weeks, it was a peculiarity of the Democratic presidential nomination race for 2020 that one of the leading candidates in the pack hadn’t actually announced he was running. Now former vice-president Joe Biden is officially in the race. That’s great news for his supporters, but bad news for the party. His candidacy will exacerbate the rift between the Democrats’ moderate and progressive factions, potentially splitting the party and enabling the re-election of Donald Trump.Trump is a vulnerable incumbent. He lost the popular vote in 2016 by nearly 3m votes and is only in the White House thanks to a narrow electoral college win. While he has continued to maintain strong support with his party’s white working-class base, he has alienated the large number of college-educated and suburban voters (especially women) who used to reliably vote Republican – but voted Democratic in the 2018 midterm elections. | Pick Report US elections 2020 Reply US politics KedarB Share on Facebook 25 Apr 2019 20:49 Yes… the old party sees the likes of AOC and recognises that they are absolutely massive hits with the younger section of America… their position is threatened… 25 Apr 2019 20:46 “…Bernie Sanders of Vermont…campaigning almost solely against income inequality and the many ways that the economy is tilted in favor of the very rich….However, progressive activists’ concerns about identity and discrimination have risen to the fore very quickly and prominently in the last few years, leaving Sanders – who is, after all, a white man who’s even older than Joe Biden – struggling to keep up…..”. Pffffft! The black and white photographs of Sanders being arrested while chained to an African-American woman in the 1960s? Sanders being pro-gay marriage for decades? The moral bankruptcy and woeful disingenuousness of the Hillary Clinton phalanx tried to swiftboat Sanders on social issues, when that was all she had (and even then Clinton was only for gay marriage as late as 2013) but Sanders’ record being boiled down to merely economic injustices doesn’t comport with reality. Show 25 Reply Afraid of Americans 25 Apr 2019 21:29 Order by oldest Don’t patronize me like that. I know full well my vote can be conveniently discarded in this country. But none of that is the issue at hand. If you believe (i would argue denial is basically a religion at this point) that climate destabilization isnt a threat; then Biden makes a lot of sense. Ignore climate, workers rights and class struggle and Biden is a very attractive candidate. We have a historical record now of people like Biden obtaining power and abusing or squandering it. We don’t need to clutch our pearls and vote for who our grandparents think is appropriate. Bernie is massively popular now and his push for state healthcare and taxation on higher income brackets have majority support among all voters left or right. Biden is basically an old racist prick with a greased pr machine and quite frankly I think you’d have to be some combination of serville and masochistic to accept more of the same from his class. 10 years. Facebook Share on Facebook | Pick Share 31 32 Facebook This perception is going to be used to undercut the Democrats. I had high hopes for AOC when one of the first things she did was try to educate voters on what progressive taxation meant, and how Republicans used the high nominal marginal rates of tax on billionaires to scare working class people who do not understand that those rates are only for super high earners. But then she and Ilhan Omar began just drawing attention to themselves for less useful comments that I think might come back to bite them and used to eject them. They have reached that point where they is very little upside with the people who support them in some of their more strident statements, but a lot of downside in the rest of the country, and against Democrats in general. Share on Facebook collapsed Share Facebook Reply Share on Twitter Report Share Reply next Report | Pick catburglar 56 57 Share 8 9 6 7 Facebook Facebook Read more Facebook Excellent comment. America is a democracy in name only, and both parties are bankrolled by oligarchs. 14 15 Share on Facebook SeaNote 48 49 catburglar Reply 25 Apr 2019 20:45 Share Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Facebook MalleusSacerdotum | Pick Bruce129 | Pick SaskunAmst Share on Facebook Report Share Share Max Headroom meets Nicolae Ceausescu’s last deluded wave to the baying crowd. Seriously, enough is enough. From Aung San Suu Kyi to Emmanuel Macron, the Stepford Series of Guardian politicians is becoming laughably irrelevant now. Ted_E_Tedderson If Trump continues to repel the suburban voters who reluctantly supported him in 2016 while failing to gain any new converts, his 2020 defeat seems statistically inevitable, even without taking into account any possible downturns in the economy. It’s an indication of Trump’s vulnerability that there are currently 22 Democrats running to replace him (according to the New York Times’ scoreboard), with another six considered likely or potential candidates.Biden, with his high name recognition and legacy as Barack Obama’s two-term running mate, consistently leads the field of potential Democratic contenders. He is popular with Democratic voters nostalgic for Obama’s presidency, and he openly regrets not having run as his successor in 2016.One of the biggest strikes against Biden is his age. If elected, he would be 82 by the end of his first term – and the oldest president in US history. Biden first won election to the Senate in 1972, at a time when Democratic presidential candidates such as Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii were toddlers. The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, who has rocketed to prominence over the past month, wasn’t even born until Biden had been in office for nearly 10 years. Many party leaders believe that a fresh, young candidate is needed to oppose the septuagenarian Trump, not a grizzled veteran of five decades of political combat.But the larger argument against Biden comes from the progressive wing of the Democratic party, which sees him as a dinosaur holdover from the party’s unenlightened past. Already progressives have charged Biden with a litany of political errors (or crimes), including his maladroit actions as the chairman of the Senate judiciary committee during the 1991 Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas hearings (which allegedly showed his regressive attitudes toward women) and his support for Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill (which is interpreted as callousness about high levels of African American incarceration).The recent accusations several women have made against Biden – that he hugged, nuzzled, sniffed and otherwise inappropriately interacted with them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable – are seen as further evidence that he’s out of step with a party that has been transformed by the #MeToo movement. Worse still, progressives fear, Republicans will capitalize on the image of “Handsy Joe” to deprive Democrats of the moral high ground on sexism against the self-proclaimed “pussy-grabber” in the White House.More generally, a Biden candidacy doesn’t fit with what is becoming the progressive wing’s theory of how to approach the 2020 election. According to this theory, the Democrats should nominate an exciting, charismatic candidate who will run on a bold, uncompromising agenda of radical change. It’s undeniable that over the past two years, the energy and momentum among party activists has shifted to the left. They’re tired of settling for half-measures; they want the whole chalupa. | Pick | Pick Twitter squeezycakes I will be voting for whoever is nominated. And this is coming from an independent voter. Getting Trump out is life priority #1. So Democrats, please don’t fuck this up by tearing each other apart before the main event. 13 14 Reply 21 22 Reply 25 Apr 2019 20:44 Facebook Share on Facebook Twitter | Pick 25 Apr 2019 20:53 sgtdixie Carole7 muggymist Twitter Share on Twitter Reply Share Share on Facebook muggymist KedarB Report Share Report Twitter Share on Twitter Carole7 3 78sman Bruce129 Facebook | Pick Manley Share on Facebook | Pick 11 12 Last modified on Thu 25 Apr 2019 14.31 EDT Share on Twitter 25 Apr 2019 23:08 Share 10 11 39 40 Twitter 14 15 Haigin88 Reply Share on Twitter and that she was a woman. Twitter Report AP20092010 Report erikus BlackmambaMI The allegations against him of inappropriate touching. Watching CNN and MSNBC one would think that his reaction to the accusations had doomed his candidacy – subsequent polls showed the opposite. There are many, including lifelong Democrats, who would have been impressed that he didn’t totally prostrate himself before the identity politics mob. He apologised but didn’t completely buckle and later even joked about the accusations. I was impressed by that, and the media misjudged the public’s response. Biden’s overly friendly tactile behaviour is inappropriate, odd, and he needs to stop touching people who don’t want it. The accusers should be given credence that the episodes happened and that they were genuinely upset by them. But that’s as far as it goes. If they claim that he should he is ineligible to stand (as one accuser – a Sanders supporter – did) or that ALL men should withdraw (as another accuser did) people should be free to challenge them. Women should not be treated with kid gloves when they take political positions, despite what the identity politics mob may want. Facebook Facebook This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Report 25 Apr 2019 20:43 Share | Pick EGriff Bruce129 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Reply Twitter Share Share Share on Facebook 25 Apr 2019 20:43 Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment Share on Twitter Twitter 13 14 Report Share on Twitter Facebook Share on LinkedIn Facebook Share Facebook 25 Apr 2019 21:06 Twitter Share on Twitter Ginen Share on Facebook | Pick MalleusSacerdotum Show 8 more replies Share on Twitter 25 Apr 2019 20:33 Ohffsake Reply | Pick 5 6 4 Facebook > Joe Biden’s chance was in 2016 and he was the only one who could have beaten Trump. In 2016 Except for the fact that Hillary Clinton actually did beat Trump, and the numbers say Bernie Sanders would have since a lot of Trump voters were disenchanted Sanders voters – odd as that seems. The voter fraud that Trump’s proactive lies tried to blame was, and had been for a while, actually perpetrated by Republicans in their favor. Case in point was the loss of some 80.000 ballots in Detroit, mostly Democratic, that would have flipped the very thin margin of Trump’s victory in Michigan to Clinton. 3 | Pick 25 Apr 2019 23:27 Afraid of Americans | Pick | Pick Twitter 16 17 Share on Twitter Afraid of Americans Share on Facebook Twitter EGriff 7 8 Reply Share on Twitter Read more Share on Facebook Age isn’t the issue. Sanders is older, but he’s appealing because he wants to undo shitty old policies and put in place new ones that actually help the bulk of the American public. Same with Warren, who is 68. 25 Apr 2019 20:58 Ohffsake Share mintaka 25 Apr 2019 20:42 Report Facebook catburglar Share Reply 4 5 Twitter 25 Apr 2019 21:41 “…Biden first won election to the Senate in 1972, at a time when Democratic presidential candidates Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii were toddlers…..”. Correct with Booker (born 27th April 1969) but Tulsi was born nine years later: 12th April 1981. how can you justify that? Share on Messenger Share Support The Guardian More strategically, the realists see the nomination of Biden or some other comparative moderate as necessary to head off the threat of a centrist, third-party candidacy. In 2016, the billionaire Mike Bloomberg would have run as an independent if the Democratic presidential nomination had gone to Sanders. In 2020, Bloomberg or someone like his fellow billionaire, the Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, may feel that they have an opening if centrist voters face a choice between Trump and a far-left Democrat.That could be bad news for Democrats. The Wason Center pollster Rachel Bitecofer, whose advance predictions of a Democratic blue wave in the 2018 House elections proved remarkably accurate, currently estimates that a generic Democrat would beat Trump by 11 points in a head-to-head race in 2020. But she also estimates that an independent candidate would draw off five Democratic voters for every Republican voter, meaning that Trump would win with a plurality.A Trump re-election would be the ultimate nightmare for both Democratic progressives and realists. But it could happen if the split between the two factions becomes too deep and bitter, or if an extreme-left Democratic candidate provokes an independent to enter the race. Democratic primary voters will have to decide whether to endorse the progressive or realist strategies in 2020; they can’t choose both.Geoffrey Kabaservice is the director of political studies at the Niskanen Center in Washington DC as well as the author of Rule and Ruin: The Downfall of Moderation and the Destruction of the Republican Party Share on Twitter Twitter Twitter Share via Email TheRedThreat Reply Share on Facebook 25 Apr 2019 21:04 25 Apr 2019 20:35 | Pick Haigin88 25 Apr 2019 20:48 Reply 13 14 Share on Twitter Reply catburglar Report Share Bruce129 Twitter Report Johnny999999 9 10 expanded | Pick 9 10 Reply Show 3 more replies Share 6 7 25 Apr 2019 20:53 Share Reply Facebook asparagusnextleft Report Share on Twitter Reply Reply Share 4 5 > Biden, with his high name recognition and legacy as Barack Obama’s two-term running mate, consistently leads the field of potential Democratic contenders. Biden is the kind of guy you choose, … uh, the party chooses, when it has no one, no ideas, and just wants to make it about shoulder grabbing versus pussy-grabbing. Biden is in there because in deconstructing the new rules the DNC approved to remove the finger on the scale of super-delagates, he is the “great white hope”, the way to spread votes out enough to bring the super-delegates back into relevance and tip the primary process back to the establishment. 13 14 Twitter Report Report 25 Apr 2019 20:53 Share on Facebook EGriff Reuse this content,View all comments > 25 Apr 2019 20:54 Except for the fact that Hillary Clinton actually did beat Trump It seems like to me that Biden is the tool that will be employed to try to marginalize the new Left in the Democratic party. The white blood cell to attack the infection of a Democratic Party by any new ideas or any actual democratic ideas. The reason Biden took so long is that he knows he will not win the nomination, he knows he doesn’t want to be President, he doesn’t have the fire, or the youth, and his appeal will wear thin fast, but he is performing a strategic service to his “class” marginalize specifically Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Biden is the living proof that the opposition party in the US is owned by the establishment. Biden should have the patina of experience and establishment, but he is a guy who has virtually no accomplishments to his long career as Delaware Senator. Go back and look at his most recent “accomplishments”. Two of them were as VP in the campaign debates, and he did terribly. He had no facts, no vision, could not think on his feet against the most vapid of opponents, Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin. The other was when ObamaCare was passed and as a good supporting VP told Obama just loud enough to be overheard that “this is a big f-ing deal”. Since, he has been virtually mute on ObamaCare, and any other policy of import. All Biden does have is the nice guy image – another facade, now being revealed as being maybe too nice and weird too. Biden is not a leader. So, how does a Delaware Senator stay in office for so long? By being of service to corporations. I hope someone does some digging into both Biden’s voting record and his associates. The priority for all Americans is to revitalize the Democratic party and purge the money from it on the one hand, and re-install actual democratic values and programs in a country that is festering from corruption. It is a real tragedy that the average working and middle class citizens in America must fight their own party to re-establish a say in the governing of the country. Share on Facebook Reply Share on Twitter Twitter Bruce129 lovedoves Share Share on Facebook Reason (optional) Report Twitter 100 Report Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Johnny999999 newest Share | Pick It sounds like you didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential election, is that correct? 25 Apr 2019 20:42 | Pick Ginen 21 22 Share FDR’s vision for America is my cherished ideal. Share on Twitter What a sneering, petty little article from a Republican think tank insider who presumes to know what’s “best” for the Democrats. And since when is demanding a living wage, affordable housing and accessible healthcare “extreme left” positions? From this perspective The New Deal was a Marx and Engels manifesto!! Biden is a bad candidate, not because he is old, but because of his policies. He was anti- busing, and anti-working class ( see his votes on bankruptcy laws and such), he not only supported Clinton’s crime bill but helped WRITE it, his misogynist behavior on the Anita Hill affair was almost criminal and the result,Clarence Thomas, a rightwing incompetent has been screwing Americans ever since. Throw in handsiness and plagiarism and you’ve got a sucky candidate irrespective of age. The mistake would be for Democratic Party to chase the votes of unicorns such as the Republican working class and Republican women who will vote Democratic instead of shoring up your base! That’s why Clinton lost Wisconsin and Michigan. And there’s the lesson. Reply | Pick I don’t think anyone really needs to attack him, Biden will self-destruct. He has only had to face the big-time two other times … in the VP debates. Go back and watch them .. against Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin, and he was like a drunk deer in the headlights. Carole7 Facebook | Pick Reply Report Biden, with his name recognition and legacy as Obama’s two-term running mate, consistently leads the field of potential Democratic contenders Photograph: Jacquelyn Martin/AP | Pick Share Share on Facebook Brainingtree Report | Pick Share on Twitter Twitter Share via Email Twitter Reply 26 Apr 2019 0:12 7 8 | Pick Report 25 Facebook Facebook Facebook Twitter Share on Facebook Twitter Nailed it. Trump and his henchmen are poison to this country, that if allowed to remain untreated will snuff out this country’s potential to live up to what it was envisioned to be. Twitter Twitter … Reply Fair. Share Facebook Before Trump, surely that was the default Republican candidate? Report Twitter Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Twitter 9 10 25 Apr 2019 21:05 Share on Twitter Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp 25 Apr 2019 20:42 MereMortal Facebook Twitter Twitter Facebook She was a precocious toddler. Show 1 more reply Share on Facebook 25 Apr 2019 20:50 Share on Facebook Share on Facebook 19 20 Share Share on Twitter stratplaya | Pick Facebook muggymist Reply 25 Apr 2019 20:52 Twitter 13 14 Share on Facebook Reply Twitter Share on Twitter 25 Apr 2019 20:52 Report John Sullivan Twitter | Pick Report 26 Apr 2019 2:28 Twitter Bruce129 Loading comments… Trouble loading? Reply Report In summation: A Biden candidacy would offer a real choice to the Democratic primary voters. However, we must not offer the voters a choice because that might be divisive. This column is just the 2016 Clintonite argument in reverse. Facebook Joe Biden Facebook Reply | Pick … Poison? Black unemployment at an all time low is poison? Pretty uniting if you ask me to give minorities more jobs. Showing up the Dems in sanctuary cities as the hypocrites they are because they don’t want immigrants bused in? Case in point Cher. Better international relations with many of the “threats” to America? The South Korean president called for Trump to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. He did far more than what Obama did who drone bombed the crap out of the Middle East and North Africa.Promising to stop wasting American lives in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan is posion? Again, Obama droned far more and killed more innocent people.Halting the 4k a day ILLEGAL invasion at the southern border is poison? The cages you saw were put in place UNDER Obama. Trumps tax form? Oh, he paid more than Obama (as a percentage and absolute). The Russia collusion? No evidence, except that he’s a bit mean to people. No evidence of collusion or Russian bribes. Nothing. Even Pelosi admitted “it wasn’t worth the effort” of impeachment – because she knows there’s nothing to impeach him on. 25 Apr 2019 20:57 He could lose publicly and badly? The next serious conteder the truly progressive left is going to have to face in the US will be Chelsea Clinton – (yes, it will happen, she’s being programmed as I type). What can Biden do that isn’t wrong? Facebook BlackmambaMI | Pick Reply erikus Share on Twitter Bruce129 4 Report Share on Twitter 25 Apr 2019 23:37 Share on Twitter History shows that the Democrats win POTUS with a youthful candidate:JFK, Bill Clinton, Obama. Enough said. Biden also supported cuts to Social Security and Medicare in a talk he gave to the Brookings Institute last spring: Reply Report Report Report Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Reply Joe Biden is the ultimate centrist Democrat. Is that a liability or strength? 6 7 Facebook Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other 25 Apr 2019 20:53 Share on Facebook Facebook Share What’s your point? If it’s good enough for the Republicans, it must be good enough for the Democrats? Facebook Share Twitter comments (482)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. 25 Apr 2019 20:47 Show 4 more replies Ted_E_Tedderson Share on Twitter goldilockess Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Facebook Report 32 33 Share | Pick | Pick 46 47 Show 26 more replies Since you’re here… Share 25 Apr 2019 23:14 25 Apr 2019 20:23 Reply Share Share on Twitter Shares206206 Share Share on Facebook Facebook Democrats Share on Facebook Share tomword 6 7 Share on Facebook Share on Facebook oldest MoonlightTiger Report Share on Facebook ConDemNation squeezycakes 2 Share on Facebook Report 25 Apr 2019 20:28 Facebook Reply Share Email (optional) Share on Facebook Joe’s just Biden his time till he gets a sniff at the candidates. Report Reply | Pick Just what the Democrats need, an old, rich white guy with a near fifty year record of being a politician.That’s a combo sure to win. hureharehure Ohffsake EGriff 8 9 ToolonginItaly | Pick | Pick stratplaya Facebook Facebook Share on Twitter 25 Apr 2019 20:37 Report Reply Share Facebook Facebook jackrousseau Facebook The progressive theory of how to win in 2020 is countered by the view of what might be termed Democratic realists. The realists argue that America is a closely divided nation and that most Americans have limited tolerance for extremism of either the right or left. The lesson of the 2018 elections, according to this theory, is that Democrats won back the House because they ran mostly pragmatic, non-ideological candidates in the suburban districts where college-educated voters had experienced buyers’ remorse toward Trump. These voters might give a sympathetic hearing to bold proposals to raise taxes on billionaires or lower housing costs, but they’re going to be turned off by extremes of identity politics or socialist economics.The only way that Trump can win reelection, according to the realists, is if the Democrats sabotage their chances by nominating someone too far outside the mainstream. Joe Biden probably would offer Democrats the best chance to win, in this view. So too could someone like the Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, or the former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. But others could be acceptable, perhaps even including progressive favorites like Harris and Warren – so long as they refrain from the temptation to win the nomination by outflanking their rivals on the left, along the lines desired by progressives. Facebook Twitter Report Reply Can beat Trump if only the elections were fair. Lacks fresh ideas? True but Biden will be busy overturning all the damage trump has done to this country. And Trump isn’t done yet. Report Bruce129 Share 1 2 Share 25 Apr 2019 20:30 Twitter Reply Share on Pinterest Share on Facebook Threads collapsed | Pick Facebook 11 12 30 31 marcus_hooiveld Report Facebook Report 25 Apr 2019 21:22 All MalleusSacerdotum 25 Apr 2019 20:35 Reply Opinion The so-called far left IS your father’s or at least your grandfather’s Democratic Party. The party of the New Deal, the Great Society? | Pick Share on Facebook Manley Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter 12 13 Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Twitter comment 25 Apr 2019 20:52 2 3 You have the power of your vote, which is the one and only power that matters on election day. It is also a time where your opinion carries the same weight as a billionaire’s opinion or a boomer’s opinion. I don’t have the time or money to fully dedicate the next 18 months of my life to a political campaign but I will definitely volunteer next March (primary) and October/November (general) on Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts. Sheer numbers and big turnout is the key to victory. Share Share on Twitter 25 Apr 2019 21:28 Reply 25 Apr 2019 22:01 Robert Reich 25 Apr 2019 21:06 68 69 Share | Pick SeaNote Share Share on Twitter Report Report Twitter Share on Twitter 102 103 | Pick Share on Facebook Facebook Bruce129 Share on Facebook 25 Apr 2019 21:35 Twitter Share on WhatsApp Bruce129 Bruce129 asparagusnextleft Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Share 5 6 Share on Twitter hureharehure Share | Pick Share on Twitter Bruce129 Twitter And it’s true that after eight years of Obama’s cautious incrementalism and two years of Trump’s chaos, there is a real opening for policies that would make capitalism function more equitably for the middle and working classes. This has been demonstrated recently by widespread popular support for the proposals of the congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (the self-proclaimed socialist and Democratic firebrand from New York) to raise taxes on wealthy Americans to 70%.One variant of the progressive theory would call for the nomination of the socialist senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who came close to wresting the 2016 Democratic nomination away from Hillary Clinton by campaigning almost solely against income inequality and the many ways that the economy is tilted in favor of the very rich. Sanders is currently second in most polls of potential Democratic candidates, behind Biden. However, progressive activists’ concerns about identity and discrimination have risen to the fore very quickly and prominently in the last few years, leaving Sanders – who is, after all, a white man who’s even older than Joe Biden – struggling to keep up.Increasingly, progressives call for the nomination of a candidate who represents a real break with the past – preferably a woman (like Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts), a minority (like Booker), or both (such as Senator Kamala Harris of California). And although those candidates already are the three most left-leaning members of the US Senate, progressives want them to go even further on both economic and cultural fronts. They believe such an uncompromising, unapologetically leftwing candidacy would excite what they believe is the Democratic base – young people, minorities and women – thus boosting turnout and guaranteeing victory.Progressives point to the example of Stacey Abrams, who made history in 2018 as the country’s first major-party African American female gubernatorial nominee. She ran on an array of progressive causes (insisting that “Democrats can’t win by pretending to be Republicans”) and united a rainbow coalition of diverse supporters. She lost the election but, in the conservative-dominated state of Georgia, came closer to winning than any other Democratic candidate had in two decades. Many progressives, in fact, pine for Abrams to be the party’s 2020 presidential nominee.A Biden presidential candidacy, in this view, would be a repeat of Hillary Clinton, who lost in 2016 because not enough Democrats were excited by her status quo candidacy. Progressives maintain that it’s not just age that disqualifies Biden from running as a champion of bold new change. He is too chummy with Republicans from his long political service – just recently he had to apologize to LGBTQ advocates for referring to the vice-president, Mike Pence, (long perceived as homophobic) as “a decent guy”. Although Biden is conservative only in relative terms, he is openly skeptical of some items on the progressive wish list – for example, he is one of the few potential or declared Democratic presidential hopefuls who has not yet endorsed the Green New Deal advanced by Ocasio-Cortez. And, needless to say, he is a straight white man, which makes him an existential obstacle (if not a threat) to many progressives. 25 Apr 2019 21:27 Joe Biden Facebook Democrats need a 2020 candidate who inspires. Joe Biden isn’t it Report 8 9 Reply Twitter Report … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. SaskunAmst What can Biden do that isn’t wrong? He’s been a strong supporter of every with every major policy failure of the few decades. The bank bailout? –check. Jobs offshoring? Check. The Afghanistan and Iraq invasions? Check. The Ukraine debacle? Check. Handing indebted students to the banks? Check. He did shoot his mouth off and expose Saudi, UAE, and Turkish funding of ISIS and Al Qaeda during the Syrian war, but he had to walk that one back. So this is what they want to hand us? 13 14 | Pick Reply You know you’re in trouble when you have to exhume your candidate. Report 9 10 Report 25 Apr 2019 20:41 Share on Twitter 50 Share on Twitter haemodroid 25 Apr 2019 21:05 Twitter A “Creationist” who told Trump, God was on his side! Comments 482 25 Apr 2019 21:39 Share on Facebook past performance is no guarantee of future success 😉 Share on Twitter Bruce129 Joe Biden speaks at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers construction and maintenance conference in Washington, on 5 April 2019.Photograph: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Share on Facebook Share stratplaya Facebook 10 11 next Share Share Report Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share | Pick Reply | Pick | Pick Share on Facebook i wouldnt say this was that supportive of Biden though tbh This isn’t your father’s democrat party. What was considered far left a few years ago, think Bernie Sanders, is now mainstream for the democrats. Even though Joe has the best chance of beating Trump I don’t see him surviving the attacks from the far left in the coming months. Twitter Share on Facebook Reply This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Facebook | Pick Reply 25 Apr 2019 20:57 BlackmambaMI 8 9 Share on Facebook Reply Facebook Share 25 Apr 2019 20:52 Reply THANK YOU for pointing out the writer’s affiliation. The Niskanen Center is named for someone who was an economic adviser to Reagan — whose policies started the great wealth divide that has led to the current chaos in the US. Run fast and far to leave behind this useless column. 25 Apr 2019 20:57 Report 25 Apr 2019 20:50 Twitter | Pick 16 17 Biden is being a greedy jerk here. We don’t have time to sit around and pow wow with the private sector for another 50 years. I think thats a big idea that boomers dont really grasp: things are not going to stay the same. Millennials don’t watch stocks, we don’t buy property and we really don’t have much power in general. Biden has a clear mandate of support from big business; not something we need to be striving for in 2020. Share on Twitter Report Share on Twitter Facebook Share on Twitter Report Show 7 more replies “Democrats face a choice” Very true. We can either nominate someone with more traditional Democratic ideas to face Trump or (again) listen to insiders about “electability” and nominate yet another corporate/Wall Street Manchurian candidate. …Student loans are a hot topic lately. Biden worked tirelessly on behalf of his Wall Street donors to pass the 2005 law that made student loan debt non-dischargeable in bankruptcy, which led to the current crisis (i.e., tuition skyrocketed—much like the housing market—because lenders’ risk was artificially reduced and they were accordingly willing to lend exorbitant sums bearing no relation to a student’s future earning potential). Since corporations are now people, I suppose this sort of thing makes Biden “a real man of the people”… Here’s an article about Biden and Warren fighting over the bill at the time of its passage. Haigin88 | Pick 22 23 Thu 25 Apr 2019 08.11 EDT Share on Facebook Twitter Facebook It’s appalling how many publications and TV programs invite Republicans to advise Democratic candidates without even a moment’s discussion of why Dems should be receptive to it. Presumably they share the same faith-based views The NY Times has on this matter. Share | Pick Twitter John Sullivan Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Reply Reply Reply Share Share on Facebook | Pick Share on Facebook Afraid of Americans Twitter Report Share on Twitter 21 22 Share on Facebook tomword Thank you. It astonishes (and depresses) me that Dem leadership refuse to see that Biden 2020 is far too close to HRC 2016, for the reasons you mentioned. Twitter Twitter Facebook Report Reply erikus Twitter Report Share on Facebook Report 25 Apr 2019 23:41 Biden can probably beat Trump, but he lacks fresh ideas on the main problems and issues that resonate with the majority of voters. He would not be a transformative leader. Hilary’s problem was that as a person she was despised. Topics Share | Pick Report recommendations squeezycakes Reply This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. fiddler1 Share 25 Apr 2019 20:48 Afraid of Americans Share on Facebook Reply Share on Facebook | Pick Brainingtree Democratic voters will have to decide whether to endorse the progressive or realist strategies in 2020; they can’t choose both 15 16 Share on Twitter | Pick Share on Facebook Twitter Twitter Opinion A real choice? We have a historical record now to reference with these New Democrats like Clinton, Obama; we know they pay the working class lip service while cutting huge regulatory holes in the economy for their criminal friends on wall street to exploit. We don’t have time for this shit, the ecosystems that support our species are failing. We need leaders capable of reinvigorating change, not people who promise to hold their finger in the dyke. A safe pair of hands, ready to do nothing much – certainly not rock the system or frighten the horses. I’m sure Americans will flock to the polls for that. But just remind me… this all sounds vaguely familiar… I seem to remember the Guardian publishing many, many articles in this general vein, supporting Candidate Clinton. Yeah, that worked great… Max Berger Share on Twitter 25 Apr 2019 22:59 60 61 Share Twitter Share 25 Apr 2019 21:30 Share on Twitter Facebook Reply Twitter Reply Wow, really? Have you told all the world media and political leaders that Trump isn’t president? They don’t seem to know. As long as your criticisms of the electoral process circle back to telling people that they should be satisfied with it, as long as they vote for your own preferred candidate, they are easy to dismiss. If we have an electoral process that is so unreliable, then surely that does not only reflect poorly on Donald Trump. So what do we do to change it? Is it to just keep settling for it every time? Twitter Oh come on…third time lucky…no. If you are so naive to call Pence “a decent guy”you’re out of the game already. | Pick Report Facebook Report Facebook Twitter Reply Share 25 Apr 2019 20:54 Yeah … what the heck are people thinking Biden is the savior … he is only in there to draw votes away from Bernie and Warren so they super-delegates will kick in … if he even survives that long. I am sure it was the money to do that which was the conditional that he based him running on. He is a spoiler and if he did win it would just be between a shoulder-grabber and a pussy-grabber. But I think Biden is to slow-witted to stay in and will fall quickly to the wayside. | Pick Twitter 0 1 Share on Twitter Share 2 1 | Pick 38 39 24 25 fresh thinking, challengers, non-conformists, inspiration, vision…..come on. Close report comment form Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share Facebook 63 64 View more commentslast_img read more