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The EU has warned Airbnb that it must transparently show the total cost of the arrangement, including the cost of services and cleaning

first_imgThe virtual world is still not a fully explored territory. His homelessness opens up many possibilities and jobs, but they are also increasingly aligning with the laws of the real world. Thus, Airbnb, one of the most famous online travel services, has become the scene of several controversies this year.First of all, the public was shocked by the official announcement of the company when earlier this year it decided to share its business information with the Chinese government, of course about customers who rent accommodation in the most populous country in the world through the service. Also, it means that the data on guests will be shared with the Government by service providers, new and old, at the moment when they start accepting accommodation reservations, reports with the BBC.Airbnb at the time explained the whole situation as a necessity, that is, compliance with local laws and regulations is the way business works in China, if they want to be operational.But the problems with the Asian market do not stop there. In early June this year, the Japanese government decided that any accommodation provider who has not registered their business can do so only on June 15 and accordingly must cancel all reservations made before that date without a valid permit. This has led to a massive cancellation of bookings in Japan, thousands of them, in the otherwise most attractive destination of the Asia-Pacific region. “We know it’s irrelevant, and we’ve said little about it,” Airbnb said at the time, securing a $ 10 million fund to cover the additional costs of the changes.According to the latest news, The European Commission has warned Airbnb that their terms of use are not in line with European consumer protection laws. Namely, the Commission appealed that the company must transparently present the total costs of the intermediation arrangements, including the costs of services and cleaning. If this cannot be projected in advance, the Commission suggests, the service should at least warn users of possible additional costs that will be added to the price at a later date. According to the European leadership, users should have access to information on whether the accommodation is privately owned or the service is professional. These are just some of the examples where Airbnb’s business is not in line with the European legislative framework. The most controversial among them proved to be the practice by which this service violates the basic rights of consumers by the fact that the user of the service cannot sue the provider in case of any form of damage.“More and more users are renting accommodation online, and this has opened up a handful of new opportunities for the tourism sector. However, popularity must not be an excuse for violating European consumer protection frameworks. Consumers have a right to know what and how much they are expected to pay for, ”said Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumer Protection and Gender Equality.Airbnb said that they take this problem seriously and that they will do everything in their power to be as transparent to users and the community as possible. “Guests are instructed on all possible costs, including taxes and fees prior to their confirmation of booking the desired accommodation unit. In cooperation with the competent authorities, we will try to clarify this situation as soon as possible. “Despite all the above obstacles, Airbnb remains the world’s leading travel service and intermediary between passengers and renters. Also, the service functions as a social network for useful information. The estimated value of the company is $ 30 billion and it is listed as one of the most valuable companies in Silicon Valley. One of their global goals is to provide a billion guests a year in tourist destinations around the world by 2028 through their own service.PHOTO: Marketing Matterslast_img read more

EURO 2020: More than half of the fans plan to travel to watch their team’s matches

first_imgEuropean fans are preparing for the trip next summer Which European nation has the most optimistic fans?  Cover photo: Given that matches will be played in 12 countries next summer, more than half of the fans surveyed (56%) confirm that they plan to travel both outside and inside the country to watch their team’s matches. The same is claimed by 63% of fans from Croatia. Despite only 16% of fans from Denmark believing that their team will win a major international tournament, 61% are preparing to travel inside and outside the country to watch their team’s matches.  After a series of painful relegations from the tournament and a stumble against the Czech Republic in European Championship qualifiers, English fans are the most nervous nation in general during the draw, with one in three (35%) fans feeling uneasy about their team’s success. And while nearly a third of fans (32%) think their team can make it to the very end of next year’s big international tournament, just over 1 in 10 (11%) admit they think they will never see their team win a big international tournament.  Spanish fans have high expectations of their team. More than 1/3 of Spanish fans (36%) admit that they feel nervous before the draw for the competition, but are not afraid to support their team with 59% of fans – the highest percentage of all European fans surveyed – who believe their team can leave to the end and win a big competition.  Croatia has the most optimistic fans among all participants surveyed before the draw, with more than two-thirds (67%) feeling filled with hope before the draw for the big tournament, and an impressive 45% are confident they will win the big tournament in the next few years. 97% of football fans from Croatia think so that the Croatian football team will win one of the international competitions during their lifetime. European football fans are so eager to travel to watch their team at the big tournament that almost a quarter (24%) of European football fans between the ages of 18 and 34 admit to canceling their honeymoon to watch their team live while winning a major international tournament, and the same goes for 9% of fans from Croatia. Also, more than a quarter of respondents (26%) say they would be happy to spend a lot more money on a sporting event than on a honeymoon trip, the same goes for 21% of fans from Croatia.  Interestingly, just two days ago, Airbnb signed a $ 500 million contract and became an official partner of the 2028 Olympics, while as stated in this article, is the official partner of the UEFA EURO 2020 European Football Championship., has recently become an official partner of the UEFA EURO 2020 European Football Championship in the accommodation and attractions segment. Let the global game for every tourist begin. 35% of football fans in Europe believe that their team can reach the very end “2020 will be an exciting year for sports – from the UEFA EURO 2020 European Championship in Europe to other global competitions in Japan and Australia. With a mission to make it easier for everyone to explore the world and the fact that a quarter of European fans aged 18-34 confirm they would travel just to watch their favorite team’s game, we are excited to have worked with UEFA to play our part in this to provide fans with the best possible experience as they travel to watch one of the matches. That includes simply booking the perfect accommodation and discovering everything I can do in each of the host cities. ” pointed out Arjan Dijk, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing at Booking com. An incredible 27% of football fans even admitted that they would not mind losing their job if it meant that they could be at the stadium and watch their team perform in the historic final, and 16% of Croatian fans think the same.    An impressive 58% of football fans in Germany feel optimistic ahead of the draw for the championship groups. However, after all but unconvincing performance in the final tournament of the UEFA League of Nations in which they lost to angry rivals French and Dutch, less than a third of fans (29%) believe that their team can win the upcoming tournament, and 24% believe that their the team will not win any tournament even in the next 10 years. The results reveal an expected astonishing level of optimism across the continent, with 35% of football fans in Europe believing that their team can reach the very end and lift the trophy in a future competition, bringing us exciting moments ahead of UEFA EURO 2020 ™ . Fans from Croatia are even more optimistic, so 45% of them believe that the Croatian team will win the football championship.  Photo: HNS Research shows that fans in the Netherlands think that the UEFA EURO 2020 European Championship ™ may be too much for the Dutch chosen species. Despite a positive campaign in the UEFA League of Nations final tournament, in which the team reached the final, only 17% of respondents believe that their team can win any of the upcoming competitions. However, almost half as many Dutch fans (33%) believe their team will win some major international competition in the next four years.  Nearly 40% of football fans believe their team can win the tournament compared to 32% among male fans, and despite years of ups and downs, the older generation is still the most optimistic when it comes to their team’s prospects, with 37% of football fans in Europe over the age of 65 supports his team. France’s status as a favorite ahead of the competition is reflected in the expectation of their fan base as more than half of the fans (51%) are optimistic ahead of the draw and a third (33%) believe the French can go a step further and lift the trophy. Most of the team that finished second in the European Championship UEFA EURO 2016 ™ is still there, and with numerous dynamic reinforcements, experts seem to agree that it will be extremely difficult to beat them this time.   Just around the upcoming European Football Championship, conducted a survey among 7.500 football fans in 11 European markets; Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Sweden, ahead of next week’s draw for the UEFA EURO 2020 European Football Championship, exploring what fans expect from this big competition next summer. Photo: UEFAlast_img read more

CNTB issued a call for the implementation of promotional campaigns in emitting markets with strategic partners

first_imgLearn more about the call here These are the implementation of promotional campaigns in foreign markets (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Scandinavia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, UK), The Croatian National Tourist Board has published a call for expressions of interest for the implementation of promotional campaigns with strategic partners in 2021. Ultimately it is about co-branded media leasing campaign (online, social networks, press, poster, TV / radio, etc.) conducted by strategic partners with the support of tourist boards of all levels (CNTB, regional and local tourist boards) that will participate in the campaign. Funding for joint promotional campaigns is provided from the joint funds of all project partners, in such a way that the maximum possible share of tourist boards in the joint campaign in the media lease can be up to 50% of the cost.center_img Cooperation with the selected strategic partner aims to raise awareness of the Croatian tourism brand in the selected strategic market by targeting potential guests through joint campaigns related to the partner’s program for Croatia, and using promotional channels, tools and experience of partners in the organized travel segment. Strategic partners by invitation can be travel organizers (tour operators and carriers) with all forms of organized programs for Croatia (in air, rail, bus and ship transport) that introduce / strengthen their programs or extend the program period in the next year. last_img read more

Democrats’ stance on sanctuary cities will cost them

first_imgRepublicans can only hope that liberals running in 2018 will make an issue of the Justice Department lawsuit.After all, do Democrats really want to be on the side of shielding illegal immigrants – many of whom have outstanding warrants and criminal records?When the Oakland mayor alerted an entire community of illegal immigrant criminals that ICE was coming, she reportedly allowed about 800 to escape.According to ICE officials, almost half of those who were arrested “had prior felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, such as child sex crimes, weapons charges and assault, or had past convictions for significant or multiple misdemeanors.” Are those really the people Democrats want to defend?I hope so.I can already see the campaign ads that Republicans will be running. The Democrats’ position on sanctuary cities will not play well in flyover America. The law is not optional once you have made a pledge to uphold the duties of your office.Open-border radicals in California and other liberal strongholds must be held accountable.Of course, liberals would have you believe that they are only interested in protecting the poor, the oppressed and the hardworking who have nowhere else to go.But in many cases, their actions allow dangerous and sometimes repeat criminals to be shielded from deportation or prison.In California, good Samaritans who value the rule of law are even prohibited from voluntarily cooperating with federal immigration officials who are trying to uphold the law and make communities safer.Anyway, Democrats and their allies in the media will say otherwise, but nothing about this conversation is even in the slightest bit hyperbolic.Local politicians are actually warning illegal immigrants of impending enforcement actions. Categories: Editorial, OpinionAttorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration are going about the sanctuary city issue in the right way.The very idea of so-called sanctuary cities is offensive to a lot of law-abiding Americans.Taking action against the liberal politicians who want to give safe harbor to illegal immigrants is a slow, easy pitch from the Democrats, and Republicans everywhere should take advantage.The Justice Department is now challenging several laws in California that not only interfere with the nation’s immigration policies but also place American citizens and law enforcement personnel at risk.The idea that laws can be ignored and that state and local politicians can affirmatively warn lawbreakers of how to escape apprehension is incredible.It is indefensible. We either have laws, or we don’t.And if our elected leaders don’t want to uphold the law, they can either change them or resign. In Oakland, Mayor Libby Schaaf went so far as to issue a press release and accompanying tweet alerting illegal immigrants in the Bay Area of an impending Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operation last month.According to ICE Deputy Director Thomas D. Homan, what the Oakland mayor did “is no better than a gang lookout yelling ‘police’ when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood.” The fact that a politician who presumably swore to uphold the Constitution could feel so emboldened to undermine an active law enforcement operation and place those officers in harm’s way cannot go unanswered.And according to what Sessions said on Wednesday, it won’t.Specifically, speaking before the California Peace Officers’ Association, Sessions said: “We are going to fight these irrational, unfair, and unconstitutional policies that have been imposed on you and our federal officers.“We are fighting to make your jobs safer and to help you reduce crime in America.“We are fighting to have a lawful system of immigration that serves Americans. And we intend to win.” Well said. Last month, plenty of Democrats and liberal outlets pushed the idea that somehow, in some bizarre twist of reality, Republicans had split with law enforcement and were no longer the party of law and order.The Huffington Post even pronounced that Republicans had “unleashed an extraordinary attack on law enforcement” by criticizing a few senior FBI officials.With the Democrats’ position on sanctuary cities, that argument should not be too difficult to dismiss. Anyone who supports illegal aliens and opposes law enforcement’s efforts to protect communities from criminals should be shown no quarter – not in the media, not in the courtroom and not in our political campaigns.In the case of the administration’s policy on sanctuary cities, good policy is also the best politics.Ed Rogers is a contributor to the Washington Post’s PostPartisan blog, a political consultant and a veteran of the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush White Houses and several national campaigns.More from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuslast_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Jan. 24

first_imgWhen an after-market firm stretches these limos, it’s my understanding they never upgrade the brake systems. So the NTSB may find the limo’s brakes were, by design, inadequate for a one-mile road descent with a full load of passengers. This would hamper Mallery’s case against Hussain.That may be her real concern.  Perhaps the overriding culprit is the lack of standards for stretch limo brake systems.Dick ValeSchenectady This action on the governor’s part expresses his blatant non-concern for retired public employees. We deserve better.Governor, take a reality check and start treating retirees and seniors with dignity and due consideration.Nicholas C. BarberSchenectady Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionCulprit in limo crash may be the brakesIn reading about Schoharie County DA Susan Mallery’s objections to allowing the NTSB access to the stretch limo, I am struck by something. She claims to be concerned that the NTSB will “endanger evidence” in her criminal case against the operator, Nauman Hussain. We are quite privileged here in Schenectady. Many of the problems in the rest of the country and in other countries don’t happen here.We have our excellent police force, fire department and ambulance service to manage what are often life-and-death situations. It’s too bad that these public servants are so often underpaid. They would often be better off working at a fast-food restaurant.Besides wanting to lose weight, my resolution is to try to speak up a little more. My ideas may or may not make sense, but I can look for problems and the good things, too.Lorene HuntleySchenectady Resolve to speak up more on good, badAt my really advanced years, I’ve had time to reflect on the past year and try to think of any small ways I can make anything better.Oh how much I often wished I could just wave a magic wand over the world and make everything all right.However, I do believe we are in the end times. Many people believe this, but it isn’t something that’s discussed much in public or in the political world. It would be political suicide to bring up the topic. It should be no surprise that there are so many problems these days. God, by whatever name He is called, has promised to bring all these troubles to an end before we manage to destroy ourselves completely.On the bright side, there are also a lot of major good stories. And, as usual, the good stories don’t always make the news. Gov. Cuomo must treat retirees betterAs a retiree of Schenectady County government, I’m sorely disappointed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has no concern or appreciation for local government retirees.The governor recently vetoed legislation giving us 30 days notice prior to modifying or replacing health insurance coverage.No notification. No engagement or time for discussion. Unilateral action by local governments is unconscionable.The number one concern of retirees who are at advanced ages is quality health care, at the time when it’s most needed. China has money, experience for wallIt seems everyone has a suggestion about building the wall on our southern border. Here’s mine: Ask China to build the wall. They have the money and the experience (the Great Wall). We all win. Frank O’ConnorRotterdamMore from The Daily Gazette:Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusCuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationlast_img read more

Auditing performance

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NHP share price shoots up as takeover bidders hover

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Maidenhead offices: High achiever

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Regeneration: For the common good

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Reality check

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