Security Council mission heads to Angola

In New York today, UN spokesman Fred Eckhard said that the mission travelled to South Africa over the weekend where they met yesterday with President Thabo Mbeki and Deputy President Jacob Zuma.”Today, prior to leaving for Luanda, delegation members were briefed by Ambassador Mahmoud Kassem, the Chair of the Panel of Experts on the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC),” Mr. Eckhard said. The delegation, led by Ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sablière of France, is scheduled to stop in the DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. One of the main stops will be Bunia, in the northeastern DRC, where fighting between rival ethnic militias has killed more than 400 people in recent weeks. A small French military force arrived in Bunia late last week in advance of the full deployment of an international emergency force authorized by the Council to help stabilize the situation there.

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